The U.F.O. Investigator (NICAP), 1965,
Vol. III, No. 1, March-April, page 6:

A Fort Myers Florida man currently is under treatment in a hospital for eye damage after a reported encounter with a cone-shaped UFO in the Everglades, March 14 [actually the 15th­jw]. Both NICAP and the Air Force are investigating the incident.

While camped in the Everglades training hunting dogs, James W. Flynn, 45, spotted a bright yellow light oscillating back and forth between 1 and 2 a.m. He drove his swamp buggy within 400 yards to investigate, then dismounted and proceeded on foot. As he neared, Flynn saw a brightly illuminated cone-shaped object (inverted, as in the recent Virginia cases) emitting a loud whirring noise. Four tiers of windows were visible around the side.

When within about 150 feet of the UFO, Flynn suddenly felt a “sledgehammer” blow and was knocked unconscious. Many hours later, when he awoke, he was partially blinded but could see a black, oily looking circle on the ground below the position where the UFO had hovered. After stopping at an Indian village for aid, Flynn made his way back to Fort Myers and entered the hospital.

The doctor treating Flynn told the press he obviously was “hit with something over the right eye.” That eye was bloodshot, and both eyes are bandaged. Full recovery is expected.

NICAP member Charles H. Foresman (Capt., USNR-Ret.) interviewed Flynn in the hospital March 19, submitting favorable character testimony to NICAP. He learned the following points: The UFO appeared to be about 100 feet in diameter at the base, 25-30 feet high. The first row of windows was about 12 feet from the base, the others evenly spaced above it. The UFO appeared shiny and metallic. Through the windows, Flynn could see a blank yellow wall, with no sign of life or machinery.

Sheriff Flanders Thompson told newsmen: “Knowing Jimmy as I know him, I don’t believe he would cook up a story like this.”

A man who has known Flynn for 30 years first phoned the report to NICAP, vouching for his honesty. Also, the Fort Myers News-Press editorially voiced its confidence in Flynn’s honesty.

The character testimony and physical evidence seem to authenticate the incident, though NICAP’s investigation will continue. If further evidence is found at the site, and the story is fully substantiated, the public should be informed to avoid any risk of injury in future near-landing cases.