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March 21, 1965; Osaka (near Himeji), Japan

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Transcript by Jean Waskiewicz below
UFO Investigator, Vol. 3, No.1
Flying Saucers Serious Business, Frank Edwards

Source: NICAP UFO Investigator


UFO Encounters Over Japan


            A UFO paced on Japanese airliner, disappeared, then chased another airliner on March 21, 1965.

            Yoshiaki Inada, piloting a Toa Airlines plane with 40 passengers aboard, first spotted the UFO near Osaka at about 7:00 p.m. “A mysterious elliptical luminous object appeared just after passing Himeji,” he said.


            The object followed the plane, stopped for about three minutes, then took up a position alongside the left wing and paced the craft for 55 miles.  During this time, Inaba told newsmen, it “violently” affected his automatic direction finder and his radio.  He tried to contact Osaka Communications tower, but was unsuccessful.  The object disappeared when the aircraft reached Matsuyama in Shikoku.


            Inaba’s co-pilot, Tetsu Umashima, tried to contact Matsuyama tower to report the sighting, and while trying to do so, heard the frantic calls of a Tokyo Lines pilot who said he was being chased by “a mysterious luminous object” along the northern edge of Matsuyama city.


            Inaba, a veteran of 20 years and more than 8,600 hours flying, said the object emitted a greenish colored light.  He also stated this was the first time he had seen such an object.


            The incident was reported by Reuters and UPI from Japan.


            BULLETIN – A Japanese newspaper reported March 22 a team of U.S. experts was en route to Japan to interrogate airline pilots whose planes were followed by an egg-shaped UFO.  The Mainichi Daily News said members of the team were from the Defense Department, Federal Aviation Agency, and Palomar Observatory.  Their interest believed caused by “several mysterious aviation accidents” possibly involving UFOs.