RV By U. S.Navy Ship 
In the Philippines
May 6, 1965

Dr. J. Allen Hynek:
A Radar-Visual case that the Condon committee did not examine and of which it was probably not even aware - which Blue Book dismissed as having "insufficient data," though no attempt was made to obtain further data, and as "aircraft" - was reported from a navy ship in the Philippines. The sighting occurred on May 5, 1965.  I quote from the official report:

At 060910, in position 20 degrees 22 minutes north, 135 degrees 50 minutes east, course 265, speed 15, leading signalman reported what he believed to be an aircraft, bearing 000, position angle 21. When viewed through binoculars three objects were sighted in close proximity to each other; one object was first magnitude; the other two, second magnitude. Objects were traveling at extremely high speed, moving toward ship at an undetermined altitude. At 0914, 4 moving targets were detected on the SPS-6C air search radar at ranges up to 22 miles and held up to 6 minutes. "When over the ship, the objects spread to circular formation directly overhead and remained there for approximately 3 minutes. This maneuver was observed both visually and by radar. The bright object which hovered off the starboard quarter made a larger presentation on the radarscope. The objects made several course changes during the sighting, confirmed visually and by radar, and were tracked at speeds in excess of 3,000 (three thousand) knots. Challenges were made by Identification, Friend or Foe, (IFF) but were not answered. After the three-minute hovering maneuver, the objects moved in a southeasterly direction at an extremely high rate of speed. Above evolutions observed by CO [Commanding Officer], all bridge personnel, and numerous hands topside.

The ship in the Philippines added the following to its report, in defense of its crew as careful observers:

During the period 5-7 May, between the hours 1800 and 2000, several other objects were sighted. These objects all had the characteristics of a satellite, including speed and presentation. These are reported to indicate a marked difference in speed and maneuverability between these assured satellites and the objects described above.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek


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