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Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:34:13 -0000
Subject: Re: [Current Encounters] Aug. 2, 1965; Sherman, Texas: IMCAT

One comment left out of the quote from Hynek probably shouldn't be. Although he says "I had no cause to suspect a hoax" he says that he asked Campbell to go and photograph streetlights from various distances so he could compare them with the "UFO". No mention of the result. Presumably they didn't look much the same. Still, there was a reason Hynek did that.

It has to be admitted that what is described on the dir as "an ejection of an unknown material" does look a lot like the reflective highlights you might see on embossed decorative detailing on an old iron lamp-post or similar. This is cropped off the image shown here, but is evident on the whole photo in Hynek's book.

If there were some way to prove that *these* images are the ones taken by Sherman when he was with the police chief, and that they do show the object they were both watching, and if this object behaved strangely (not just "hanging stationary"), then we've got something. But there really isn't anything like the info *here* to justify much - certainly not a Rating 5. Hynek doesn't tell us anything either. Is there a better source you can use?

Martin Shough


I appreciate your comments and I'm glad you respond to cases. We don't get much commentary and we need that, plus help in the cataloging of items needed on the dirs as we create and update them.

First of all, for the benefit of the whole CE list, on this discussion list you will see some cases that I would ordinarily not make dirs for, for sighting years under scrutiny. Earlier this year we decided to target 1965, one of the biggest flaps on record, and we are about finished with the entries where bad or incomplete directories were posted a long time ago. The Sherman, TX case/photo was one of those. Secondly, where possible, any photo that has appeared a lot in the magazines and web sites that needs to be properly described and evaluated will be highlighted. More on 1965 later.

The Sherman, TX photo: All dirs submitted to the list are basically complete as far as we (Dan, Jean, myself) can determine BEFORE we post them. When posted they are still presented as first drafts with the rating set at default which is a 5. After posting we alway hope that the List can advise of any comments, criticisms, needed additions, etc. before the case is finalized. The dir gives us a file page to always add to down the road, also.

The Sherman, TX/Campbell photo has been all over the media for decades. It occurred during a sighting wave. Is it any good? Not really. Is it a photo of what really appeared to the naked eye? I'm not sure. Did Campbell take this photo? Not sure. It was supposed to be one taken by a Speedgraphic, yet looks strikingly similar to images I get of the Moon from a TV monitor, but blown up so large as to show the TV's scan lines. But more needs to be seen and I would suggest the rating be lowered to a "3", Possibly explainable, but with elements of strangeness. It is my "guess" that Campbell's photo was shown on TV and somebody took a picture of the/a light on the screen and had to blow it up.