Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 20:41:41 -0500
From: Mike Swords
Subject: Exeter compass bearings, Exeter Close Encounter, September 3, 1965

I'm attaching Ray's little map from his field report

which contains the compass directions. I'm also attaching a large compass

that I use to draw the directions that Muscarello and Bertrand were looking when they initially saw the object in sightings #1 [Muscarello alone] and #2 [ Bertrand and Muscarello]. These directions I've taken simply off Ray's map. Anyone might argue with a couple of degrees but these are pretty close. Thirdly, I'm attaching a crude diagram

of the path of the object as it passed across the treeline from about East to NNW, getting more distant [size doubtless dropping off more rapidly than I've drawn [red blur is used for convenience here rather than try to indicate a flashing light line].

So, as to directions in words: Muscarello clearly sees the object initially to his NNW. It moves closer to him and scares the hell out of him. It then moves past him, not directly but via the farm field and disappears beneath the treeline to the SE. All of that seems perfectly visualizable to me [as well as indicative of a very close object].

Bertrand gets into the picture and he and Muscarello see the object come up from the just-barely-south-of-east direction [i.e. the direction where Muscarello thought it disappeared] and see it move closer, in their view threateningly. They retreat to the squad car from where the object is at about 75-degrees or ENE. From there they watch it slowly cruise across the treeline ENE-to-NNW. Hunt shows up half way through this; the object is much smaller; flightpath seems straight but sinking below the treeline slowly.

These are the actual directions of the case incidents.

So, where does SE towards Hampton come in?? Muscarello is not confused as to exactly where he is, nor is Bertrand. But Hunt apparently is. He initially says to the USAF guy that the object disappeared to the SE. Somehow he has gotten turned exactly around, thinking that he is facing more or less south at the farm instead of north. Hunt repeats this error to someone else [a newspaper?] and adds in "towards Hampton and the ocean". Muscarello and Bertrand do not make this mistake and Hunt gets it figured out too by the time Fowler gets there as it is corrected by Hunt in the Fowler report, where he says, properly "East to North". [which is close enough without Ray's compass]. All these guys are looking at the thing moving in an arc east-ish to north-ish with flightpath and behavior consistent with a CE1.

Mike Swords