Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 11:58:57 -0800 (PST)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Re: Nha trang
To: fran ridge <>

Ray should be able to help more with this. The reason that I say this is that I have in my files a short stack of papers which appear to be a Ray Fowler file on the case, or maybe a NICAP file including Fowler materials.

This stack consists of:
A). A 3-page report by Ray of his interview with Wayne Dalrymple;
B). A 1-page letter from Stuart Nixon to Ray asking him to do this;
C). A 4-page handwritten letter by Dalrymple to his parents telling them of the event [1966];
D). A 6-page NICAP report form Ray got Dalrymple to fill out [their standard form];
E). A 1-page letter from Dalrymple to Ray saying that he's searching for his letter [must be the one to the parents];
F). A newspaper article mentioning the case {1967};
G). A line drawing-style map of Viet Nam;
H). A very lightly drawn map of the siting area;

These copies are light as to contrast. Ray, or somebody, {Barry?}, doubtless has better, or even more.