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From: Albert Rosales <>
Subject: Re: [Current Encounters] April 20, 1967; near Estacion Casalegno, Santa Fe, Argentina:  ENTCAT
To: Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, CE List

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In the early hours of Thursday, April 20, 1967, in the vicinity of the Casalegno, Santa Fe Station, several railway observed a strange reddish element, such as fire, at ground level and at a distance greater than 100 meters. Some witnesses say even several anthropomorphic beings aspect moved around the object.

The episode remained within the family and friends circle witnesses until last five years, at which one of them-engineer Enrique Galimberti - decides to write to an entity of Space Studies Rosario, dedicated to UFOs (AOA International) , commenting details of the case.

However, they were going to spend another seven years (and twelve happened that matter), before it was disseminated through the news media, in an article in the series of articles on "The Secret UFO" (LXVII) Ing. S. von Wurmb , ufológico member of that group, published in the newspaper Hoy , Asuncion, in the neighboring country of Paraguay. This circumstance also contributed to knowledge of the fact that we had quite a few years later and we should proceed to conduct the surveys only in August 1991.


Below we reproduce the letter said witness sent to the Association of Observers for the Astros, AOA, on July 11, 1972, a copy was sent graciously by Mr. von Wurmb Sigurdo.:

"The undersigned, Enrique R. Galimberti, with registered offices at 392 Iguazú, Rosario, B. Mitre Railroad engineer, put on your knowledge what happened on April 20, 1967, when on my way driving a train company to which I belong and to approach the Casalegno season of Rosario Galvez-line, being 3.30 pm on level ground could see what looked like a fire which could be a house or an implement of agriculture - but being a short distance, I had to diminish the speed if possible provide assistance with extinguishers which is provided locomotive.

"As I approached the place I estimated that it could not be the above rained because in those moments; later, the shedding of colored lights in circles was observed. Given this new I stopped the train to carefully watch what was happening there.

"With my companion Mr. Enrique Curto , we could see at a distance of approximately 120 meters, something we could not define; but yes, we observe calmly without losing detail, it was a metal apparatus square shape, about 3 feet square, as high, with a number of windows in three rows all around her in light therein; Front looked very clearly and in its center, a wheel spinning and gave off colored lights like fireworks, two projections lanterns such as cars, one with a fixed light beaming down to a distance of 2 m, and the other, illuminating intermittently. We could see very easily that on the ground they walked around the object, tiny beings roughly 0.70 m high, with shiny almost could ensure uniform color was gray, bare heads and as if carrying a weapon on his shoulders.

"I made use of the locomotive horn to see the reaction of these rare elements, without success.

"In the morning of that day, I went back to the place at 8.00 am, and looked at the place where the phenomenon happened without noticing anything unusual in the field.

"This was proven by my colleague Enrique Curto, residing in the street Campbell 984, Mr. Aurelio Portillo domiciled at José Ingenieros 943, and Salvador Pomidoro , headquartered in Morrison 1516 Street, Rosario, both machinists, who also passed the place; one did at 1.30 pm and the other at 2.40 pm.

"When I met these folks talk about what seen and all said the above. At that time only I mentioned with my family and some friends, not giving it to advertising through newspapers Rosario, because I thought that would be taken not real so I could express and everything to be advertising, but already commented and published observation of UFOs in different parts, but they were not given more importance.

"What here discussed by the undersigned is real and I wanted this time, given that the institution is interested in these cases and carefully studying, take the opportunity to demonstrate the type of UFO by myself observed and that may be similar to other .

"This incident occurred on April 20, 1967, but was not published in newspapers, for fear of ridicule of many readers of it.

"No more, I greet this international organization and this accompanying drawing, I consider it more or less seen." Signed .: Henry R. Galimberti.


According to what we had anticipated Eng. Von Wurmb, said witness died in 1983, so it was not possible to corroborate his version directly.

However, our research was aimed to verify the testimonies of other rail would have been casual observers curious phenomenon.

- The testimony of Salvador Pomidoro was born on June 8, 1923, in Rosario. Has primary studies and worked as a machinist, leading locomotive freight train passed by the place at approximately 2.40 hours.

"I had been served here in Rosario, roughly 18 hours to proceed to take a train common load. At about 80 km from Rosario, I past the next station Diaz and Casalegno, direction Galvez observed to my left and about 500-1000 m away, a reddish thing like an oven, burning bricks, well. It was a freak thing on earth. I was struck by the color, so, so ... red, so like fire. It looked like a square about a meter and a half or so, but it would be great. And you look so, I saw, and calculates the distance.

"Going through the train without pause or stop watching, commenting with the fireman, a certain Souza, who was a rare thing. We will have been watching about 10 minutes, the slow and steady pace freight train, and we just. After we discussed with the staff of Gálvez. We could not see any details, nothing. Was not seen as nothing more than a fire, nor hear any sound. The feeling it gave me is that they would burn in a brick oven, the reddish color I had, but it was a rare thing. At two, three days we returned to see and nothing. His appearance was like fire, just. Totally like fire, "insists S. Pomidoro.

Asked if people came to watch, or figures, replies, "No, I have not seen, not really.Neither my partner Stoker. He saw what I did. "

Then the show version E. Galimberti, denotes some surprise for the detailed story.Our interview was over.

- The testimony of Enrique Curto was born on November 22, 1934, studied until the second year of secondary school, and worked as a fireman (then retired as a machinist), accompanying Enrique Galimberti opportunity to see, at 3, 30 hours, this curio seated in the fields.

"To myself I was in doubt whether what we saw was real or imagination, but do not dream or were drunk. Never again I saw something similar, that he could not discern. This is a fact almost forgotten for me, I do not think it was that transcendence -taking have his hands cut journalistic, because we saw and did not pay much attention to him after. He was among the cometary we did with colleagues, and nothing more. It will be the basis of my youth, or because this man, Galimberti, has given greater importance. I saw it as a fact, and gave it for granted. I did not give more importance to the matter, I was not impressed to be indelibly in my memory.

"I saw a light and people moving around. What strikes me is that Galimberti is drawn as concrete conclusions ... if he could be common. They were at a distance, could be 100 m, and 200 or 300 m. It is very difficult to say, and I say this because I am a hunter. In the field and at night, it is very difficult to appreciate a distance. From 300m is little that you can see, so they could be 100-200 m. Galimberti was very impressed. I do not. So, to say that they were beings from other ... is risky.

"I do remember that I really caught the attention at the time, but not thereafter. I did not see much detail. It was light and people moving all that could be seen. It amazes me how you can even say so categorically that had hundred-odd meters ...

"I do not remember if that form was moving elements, but as a central fact yes, I remember the light, and people moving around. They were several, three or four, as human beings; with two legs and two normal arms. They were around that light, that is, they looked when they passed in front of her, coming and going. I could not notice the type of clothing, for only saw cut human figure moving like normal person, upright, perhaps a bit hasty movements. Nothing more.

"That light not dazzled, so a reflector could not have been, because they passed a reflector cap, cuts the beam.

"It happened in the morning when we went to Gálvez. We saw it from my side to the left. I think it was I who drew attention because the driver, the driver, always going the right side; although it could be him, I know that there was a call between the two, one: 'che, look at, come and see what happens, look what' , and started making comments. I began to see the light when he had at an angle of 45 degrees; then I perfectly sideways, and that's when I warned. Until he left behind, and was, after seeing her in a 90 degrees, which spent about 10 minutes due to the running of the train, about 40 km / h. I do not remember having stopped, even having the urge to stop the running of the train and observe; besides, you can not neglect the train, except for a very special circumstance, must be one up on the locomotive.

"I think Galimberti was more impressed than I, because he gave it as a fact that this was a dish ; often said to me, 'Do you remember that time Curto ?, or do you remember when we saw the flying saucer?' . And I wondered what you're talking about ?! I mean, he already took it for granted the time I saw him, but really was ?, one thing ... It is true that the conclusions we draw then suggested they may be beings ... not common, or shed not common, or would that I wanted to see something and gave it as a normal occurrence. But it might not be so categorical, nor think we've asked to observe many details.

"Galimberti was a serious man, very responsible, a most excellent person. So it strikes me that after all these years ... the findings I took at that time were that it was a normal occurrence, it could have been ... I do not know whether I have been influenced, because at that time it was much felt subject of unidentified flying objects. I gave it as something that I doubt.

"I think maybe there, I just have a very special theory that falls within the faith, religion. I think there are people who are good people, and they really are custodians of this and many other planets. Who are the custodians of the universe, their guardians in the sense that they are God's helpers to monitor.

"However, that experience is another thing I discarded my memory because after I took it as something that could be a confusion. They could have been plowing , it may have been a common vehicle with the lights on, people.

"I say it's very difficult when there is a vehicle with lights, it is difficult to discern what it is, what it is. Just saw a light on the floor was on the ground. It could be like a vehicle, it could have been a truck, as the size of a truck when we see it in the distance, like a box that was on fire , although it may not seem so.

"To me it happened to me this year (1991), was hunting at night and had a vehicle not know if it was on or off the field, then they turned on the lights and saw people moving around. But I knew it was a vehicle, because after we passed next. But by far, what was it? In this case, I made sure looking through binoculars and then yes, I can sure what it was.

"However, at that time, we only saw a light onshore and movement around, unable to see what kind of activity did. All I saw was the backlight moving people. "


Inspection of the area of the sighting, so many years after the event, has failed to achieve vestiges, or other evidence, to clarify what happened that morning of April 20.

However, examination of the evidence seems to indicate that an event has actually happened, for which we do not have a categorical explanation, but that leaves some margin for doubt about the unusual nature of the phenomenon.

Without adding much to what stated by our respondents (Pomidoro and Curto), several things have in common. Among these, not having very fresh memories of some details of the case, but not by the passage of time, but rather to have trivialized his experience as futile, pointless.

Their attitude has been to accept a fact that can not be explained satisfactorily, and following comment at the family level without encouraging a possible linkage of the phenomenon with something fantastic or not Earth, after a while, separating himself as one of many parasitic information to which it is subjected daily humans.

The confusion has been paid to the perceived image, resulted in expressions like "brick oven", "burned box", "fireworks", "a vehicle ...", denoting vague or ambiguous impression received. Why think UFO ?: "because at that time a lot of UFOs stated" says E. Curto, travel partner of E. Galimberti, for whom the emotional force of its ability to perhaps wonder, exaggerated, would have given the urgency to mitigate concern, leading to worry about finding an answer inside and outside himself.


S. von Wurmb , the 67th article of the series "The Secret UFO" , Today , Asuncion, Paraguay, May 22, 1979. Cfr. Antonio Ribera , Machines of the cosmos , Planet , Barcelona, 1983, ps.1l3- 115.