Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 12:03:42 -0400
From: Don Ledger <>
Subject: Aug. 23, 1967; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: RADCAT

Additional details:

I interviewed the pilot after tracking him down through a series of coincidences related to the Shag Harbour event. His name was Guy Charbonneau. He was flying an Air Canada Vicker's Viscount on his way to Boston from Halifax International. He and several other pilots reported an object out over St. Margarets Bay just southwest of the city of Halifax. (Swissair Flight 111 crashed there in 1998)

Height finding radar at Sheawater painted the object at just below 50,000 feet. Upon returning to Halifax from Boston via St. Jean, Quebec then taking off for Bosrton once more, Charbonneau asked the Terminal Controller at Halifax if their 'friend' was still there because it was being reported by other pilots over a period of nearly three days. "Still there." the controller responded.Radar painted the object in that vicinity for 70 hours.

This drove me nuts. Didn't anyone check it out? In '67 the RCAF was flying F-104s.

The coincidence part.

Guy Charbonneau was the pilot flying Air Canada Flight 305 the night of the Shag Harbour incident. He and Bob Ralph his FO reported a UFO that night to the south of their track while flying Halifax to St. Jean. My feeling is that in that instance (Oct. 4,'67) they were reporting gas releases from a rocket lauch to over 60 miles from Wallops Island, Virginia.

It was due to Paris Flammonde's mention of the St. Margarets sighting a few months earlier that I found Charbonneau's name which was on the FL-305 report but nearly obiterated by a crease in the document so that I could only make out Ch.....neau. My call to him some ten years ago confirmed that he was the pilot in both cases.

More recently I has a Balloon report from Nav Canada over the Rockies in British Columbia. Pilots were reporting a 'balloon' at 36,000 feet which remained in that position for 26 hours.

Don Ledger