Disables Engine, Continues to Run

Nov. 6, 1967
River Avon, Hampshire, England

James McCampbell:

Another highly publicized example that demonstrates the resistance of diesels took place in the-early morning hours of November 6,1967, in England (Case 2). While driving a diesal truck, the witness saw a strange, egg-shaped ob|ect above some trees about 1/4 mile away. The lights and radio went out but the engine continued to run as the object landed on the road only 15 yards away. A flexible tube came from the bottom of the UFO with-a box on the end. Connected to the box were four
short hoses that sucked up grass, gravel, and leaves from both shoulders of the road. Then a Jaguar that drove up to the landed UFO on the opposite side lost both its headlights and engine. 4  So again under comparable circumstances, a diesel engine continued to run while a presumably, spark-ignited engine failed.

That diesel engines can be disrupted was probably first observed on a fishing boat plying Hawk Inlet, Alaska on December 16,19S8 (Case 3). The UFO had been seen the previous day floating on the water about 1/4 mile away. When it appeared about 70 ft, above the mast, the fisherman radioed-the Coast Guard. About 5 minutes later, .the "boat's power" failed and the radio went dead. An auxiliary diesel generator was barely running but it came back to normal as the UFO flew away. 5

The description of this case is less than explicit but the language would ordinarily be taken to mean that the boat's propulsion system failed. It would be rare, indeed, for a boat with a diesel generator to be powered by other than a diesal engine thereby requiring the storage of two different kinds of fuel. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that the diesal generator malfunctioned, a detail that will be seen in other cases.