Date: Wed, 05 Aug 2009 08:54:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: 1970, Oct. 29; Norway
To: A-Team

October 29, 1970: Helleland, Norway
At 4:40 pm, Reidar Salvesen was returning home from a business trip. There was a gentle rain and he turned on his parking lights and drove on. About 3 kilometers past Helleland, a terrific light so dazzled him that he had to stop the car. The intensity of the light seemed much more than that given off by a welding torch. He opened the door and tried to take a peek at what was happening. A 20-meter-in diameter fireball seemed to be slowly approaching the car.  It halted in the air nearby. Salvesen got out of the car. Simultaneously the dazzling light was gone, revealing in its place a metallic-seeming disk, shiny almost "glassy", with a dome on top [about 2 meters in diameter on the 10 meter diameter 'machine']. On the bottom there was a 2-meter "extension" or shortened column coming from the same positioning as the dome on top. Around the middle of the thing was a band [about 0.5 meters wide] of golden partitions, which had "wavy" [hard to focus upon?] quality. It hovered there at about 10 meters high for 50 seconds. It was nearly directly above the car. Salvesen was hastily sketching the object when he was knocked to the ground [he says "stabbed"] "as if hit by an electrical blow". [This is still a little interpretable as he says this happened without any particular feeling of pain or pressure; perhaps he means that in some forceful but hard-to-describe way he was just suddenly taken down, but not by what could be described as a blow in normal "hitting" terms]. As he went down from whatever this force was, he heard a sound of glass cracking. This turned out to be his front windshield being cracked and pulverized. The debris fell inward into the car. Scrambling upright, the witness saw the disk shoot out of sight at tremendous speed. He cleared the glass debris and drove directly to the repair shop in the next town. He did not tell the repairman the story, but reported the encounter to the police the next day. The police did find glass from Salvesen's windshield on the road where he said the event happened but nothing else. He said that after the encounter he had a feeling in his face of a numbness sort of like that which one gets after a visit to the dentist. His hand was bruised but that was where he broke his fall when he was forced down. His eyes were irritated for a few days thereafter and recovered. Varnish from the car's surface was tested for anomalies, finding none, including no radioactivity. Salvesen thought the craft particularly beautiful, and also said that he did not believe he had been attacked in any way, attributing the "knock-down", apparently, to some accidental side-effect of what the thing was doing. [he, of course, cannot know that but it does indicate his feelings with regard to the close encounter]. [reference: K. Gosta Rehn. "The Fantastic UFO-Experience of Reidar Salvesen at Helleland", Nordic UFO Newsletter 1, 1981; p.s., this was a translation from a book by Rehn, who is well-respected and usually seen as the Father-figure of serious Norwegian UFOlogy. The report also appeared in the April 1971 edition of Scandinavian Newsletter under the excellent editorialship of ace Swedish researcher Andres Liljegren.].