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One of my ex-missile maintenance tech sources says:
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Your assessment is very accurate. Totally BS.  If you have ever been to Minuteman or Titan sites, all they are surrounded with is hurricane type fences, with nothing particular on them, except barb wire. There are no temperature sensors outside or topside of the sites. If there were, how could you detect human beings when the temperature is in the 100's? 
No way possible to "set aside" the launcher closure door, without destroying the launch tube and site itself.  Thirdly, where did the supposed fighter squadrons come from. Minuteman sites are at least 45 minutes drive time from the base, and it would take an alert scramble by NORAD at least that time to get them in the air. I don't think Malmstrom ever had a figher wing, but I don't for sure. I would have thought Glasgow AFB would have been the closest, but I thought they were a bomber base.  Mountain Home AFB, ID would certainly have served that area, along with Hill AFB, in Ogden, UT, and it would be at least an 1.5 hours to reach the area. 
If it helps, I heard versions of similar tales when I was stationed at Malmstrom, but it was the same "I heard this from a guy I knew, who is real trustworthy and he was scared to death to report it". But nobody knows who that friend is.  Rumors and propoganda.
But thanks for sharing!
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Hi xxx,
This sounds like total BS but I wanted to ask you about the claim of a temperature sensor system at LFs. Did it exist?

Hoax or Horror?
Approximate Date
January 15, 1972, Malmstrom AFB, MT
UFO over missile silo, "crew" from the unknown craft broke into the missile silo, and some of its "crew" were examining the circuitry of the ballistic missile.
National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/15/1972 23:00 (Entered as : 1-3/72or73 11pm)
Reported: 9/20/2002 12:33:15 PM 12:33
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Malmstrom AFB, MT
Shape: Unknown
Duration:mult hrs
UFO on USAF base 1972 or 1973

A good friend, at the time assigned as NORAD Watch Cmdr, 11pm-0700 shift, rank: CPT, USAF was on duty at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, Montana when an incident occurred quite similar to that reported in the 1975 newspaper article you have posted on your website. My friend was made aware that sensors surrounding one missile silo recorded a rapid rise in ground temperature( from -25 to -30F to 50 or 60F} within the space of 5-15 minutes. Simultaneously all the sensors on perimeter "fences" showed that whatever was occurring had not been initiated by something crossing the fences nor had any of the ground sensors indicated anything had "walked" by ground passage up to the missile site. He said he was told that the missile silo cover had been set aside, that "crew" from the unknown craft broke into the missile silo, and some of its "crew" were examining the circuitry of the ballistic missile. At least one Observer on the U.S. military reaction team arrived to see "crew" scampering aboard the "craft". Apparently as is SOP, fighters scrambled. My friend said when the radar target appeared on "his" radar scopes within a few moments of the reaction team's "radioed" report, it was travelling straight up at a speed in excess of 50,000 miles an hour. It disappeared by moving outside the range of the radar his NORAD shift was using.

When he told me this he began perspiring profusely and was very nervous and discomfitted. As a decorated Vietnam combat veteran I know nervousness and a few things about fear. My friend was very nervous, a bit scared, and upset. If we had not been such good friends he probably would not have told me about this. He did know about one prior UFO experience I had - and before this happened used to give me grief about what I had told him had happened to me. Ever since that conversation I am now reporting, he has never made fun of UFO sightings or reports.

When I read the report situated on your website I initially thought you were talking about what my friend had reported to me. I was very surprised that the date was 1975 because, if what my friend told me was true - and I believe what he said, it wasn't the first time missiles at Malmstrom AFB had been examined by unknown personnel from a craft whose origins were also unknown. From what my friend said, it had technology far ahead of ours. He said everyone was told the "incident did't happen." I'm afraid I can't be more specific because I am relating the comments my friend made. That is why I can't give you a shape of the craft or other details. He was watching this on various instrumentations, but others involved "talked" to eachother, swapping info {I would imagine} to confirm they weren't crazy. He was an experienced Fighter controller expert, so this was no novice relating the story to me.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))


1972 or 1973: Missile Silo opening & missile examination, Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Montana

On friday, 20 Sep 02,I reported a friend's sighting at Malmstrom AFB in 1972-73 when he was a NORAD watch Commander during the night shift {11pm to 0700am} with reference to the article you had posted of a 1975 event at that AFB. According to my friend, the 1972 or 1972 event was similar to the one in 1975 in that the missile silo was opened, then the missile was opened up and the electronic circuitry examined. See my friday report. One thing I forgot: this "craft" apparently lit up the area surrounding the missile silo so its"crew" had light to work by.