The Pascagoula, Mississippi, Incident

Hickson/Parker Abduction
October 11, 1973
Charles Hickson (42)
Calvin Parker (19) Case

Preliminary: Witnesses were fishing after dark off a pier in an abandoned shipyard. Heard or happened to turn and detect something behind them. 

Initial activities: Beings floated toward them from a hovering craft, grabbed Hickson by his arms causing pain in left shoulder and immobilizing him. Another being grabbed Parker by the arm and he lost consciousness. Hickson recalled being lifted off the ground and floated with the beings into the craft. He saw Parker go limp. 

Air Force sketch depicts the alien being as
Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker described it.

Craft/Beings: Domed oval object descended, hovered just off the ground emitting a buzzing noise. A door opened revealing a brightly lighted interior. Three robot-like beings just over 5 ft. (1.5 m) tall emerged and floated toward them. They had no visible neck, slit mouth, pointed nose, and ears. Eyes not prominent, maybe slits. Rough gray skin, mummy-like appearance. Unusually long arms with clawlike hands. Feet were elephant-like. 

Onboard features: Interior was brilliantly lighted. No furniture seen, only a screenlike device on the wall. Hickson seemed to hang suspended in the air at an angle of 45 degrees as an eyelike device appeared out of the wall. 

In a state of shock, Charles Hickson does not
attempt to resist the silvery-looking creatures who
lead him into the examination room of their craft.

Onboard activities: The device circled Hickson, first moving down his front, then up his back and over his head, stopping in front of his face. The beings moved in a stiff, mechanical way as if robots, but worked quickly and efficiently. One made a buzzing sound. When they were through they disappeared for a while. 

Communication: Hickson "heard" a message in his mind that the beings were peaceful. 

Termination/Return: The beings returned and grasped Hickson again, floating him through the opening in the craft and back to the pier. His legs collapsed when he touched the ground. Parker was standing rigidly with a look of terror on his face. Hickson shook Parker and they watched the craft and blue light shoot straight up emitting a whistling sound and quickly disappear 

Aftermath: Next day Hickson suffered bleeding from his left arm where the being had grasped him, and later he had nightmares. Parker suffered a nervous breakdown, Over the past 20 years Hickson has had an obsession about the encounter and its meaning, leading him to attend UFO conferences as a speaker and observer. He has reported follow-up communications and encounters. 

Source: Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty Year Report, Richard H. Hall, Page 534-535.

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