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Document #: 31
Date Sent: 07-26-1986

                Freedom Of Information Act Document Files
AR 340-15: the proponent agency is The Adjutant General's Office.
Reference  Office Symbol         ) Subject
                                                )  Near Midair Collision with UFO Report
To Commandor                       Flight Operations Off     DATE 23 Nov 73  Cmt 1
     83D USARCOM                USAR Flight Facility
     ATTN: AHRCCG               Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Columbus Support Facility       Cleveland, Ohio  44135

1. On 18 October 1973 at 2305 hours in the vicinity of Mansfield, Ohio,
Army Helicopter 68-15444 assigned to Cleveland USARFFAC encountered a near
midair collision with a unidentified flying object. Four crewmembers
assigned to the Cleveland USARFFAC for flying proficiency were on AFTP
status when this incident occurred. The flight crew assigned was CPT
Lawrence J. Coyne, Pilot in Command,1LT Arrigo Jozzi, Copilot, SSG Robert
Yanacsek, Crew Chief, SSG John Healey,Flight Medio,All the above personnel
are member of the 316th MED DET(HEL AMB). a tenant reserve unit of the
Cleveland USARFFAC.

2. The reported incident happened as follows: Army Helicopter 68-15444 was
returning from Columbus, Ohio to Cleveland, Ohio and at 2305 hours east,
south east of Mansfield Airport in the vicinity of Mansfield, Ohio while
flying at an altitude of 2500 feet and on a heading of 030 degrees, SSG
Yanacsek observed a red light on the east horizon,90 degrees to the flight
path of the helicopter. Approximately 30 seconds later, SSG Yanacsek
indicated the object was converging on the helicopter at the same altitude
at a airspeed in excess of 600 knots and on a midair collision heading.

Cpt Coyne observed the converging object, took over the controls of the
aircraft and initiated a power descent from 2500 feet to 1700 feet to
avoid impact with the object. A radio call was initiated to Mansfield
Tower who acknowledged the helicopter and was asked by CPT Coyne if there
were any high performance aircraft flying in the vicinity of Mansfield
Airport however there was no response received from the tower. The crew
expected impact from the object instead, the object was observed to
hesitate momentarily over the helicopter and then slowly continued on a
westerly course accelerating at a high rate of speed, clear west of
Mansfield Airport then turn 45 degree heading to the Northwest.
Cpt Coyne indicated the altimeter read a 1000 fpm climb and read 3500 feet
with the collective in the full down position. The aircraft was returned
to 2500 feet by CPT Coyne and flown back to Cleveland, Ohio. The flight
plan was closed and the FAA Flight Service Station notified of the
incident.  The FSS told CPT Coyne to report the incident to the FAA GADO
office a Cleveland Hopkins Airport Mr. Porter, 83d USARCOM was notified of
the incident at 1530 hours on 19 Oct 73.

3. This report has been read and attested to by the crewmembers of the
aircraft with signatures acknowledging this report.

Lawrence J. Coyne                                           Arrigo Jozzi
_______________________                           _____________________

 Robert Yanacsek                                             John Healey
_______________________                           ______________________

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