Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2012 19:40:28 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: October 29 or 30, 1975; Oscoda Michigan

On the day of the event (Oct 29 or 30. Wish I could be more exact) my crew and I were assigned a swing shift, 2pm-10pm. The day was warm, mid 60s. Sky was clear, and vis was greater then 10 miles.

At this date in time Wurtsmith approach Control was being renovated so we were operating out of a mobile RAPCON. The unit was located on the north side of the runway exactly half way down at the 6,000 foot mark, and 550 feet from the runway center line. The alert area is also on the north side at the approach end of runway 24.

The crew consisted of the crew chief, TSgt. Bob Christie, A1C Mike Heath, and myself A1C Mark Singh.

Around (again sorry I can't be more exact but the sun was about 20 degrees above the horizon) 4pm I was working the approach assist position, Mike Heath was approach scope, when the tower called down and asked if we were talking to any helicopters near the Sac Alert Area. I told them "negative" and told Bob Christie what the tower had asked. He said someone was going to be in big trouble if they were anywhere near there. No more then 2 minutes later the tower called down again and asked "are you sure you guys aren't talking to anybody over the alert area?" Again I said no we're not. Shortly thereafter Minneapolis Center called with a hand off on a KC-135 returning to OSC. The tanker checked on our freq and requested to do multiple radar approaches. Shortly after the hand-off the SAC Command Post line rang and I answered it. The officer at the other end identified himself with his name and rank and he asked me "are you talking to any helicopters over the alert area?' I again informed him no that the only aircraft we were talking to was the KC-135 now about 15 miles north of the field on vectors. The officer said he'd call me back. Bob asked me what the Command Post wanted and I told him. Bob began to type the information into the shifts log. Less then a minute went by when the Command Post line rang again. This time it was a Colonel. He asks, "verify you are not talking to anyone over the alert area?" Negative, I said. He says, "ask the KC your talking to if he can see the alert area." I give Mike the request and he asks the pilot. The pilot responds "Can't miss it, it's lit up like a Christmas tree." The Col. at the Command Post says. " Tell the pilot of the KC to break off his approach and proceed VFR directly to the Alert Area and identify the aircraft hover over it." Mike relays the order.

I turn to Bob Christie and ask can I go outside to see what is happening? He says sure and he relieves me in the position.
I step outside and begin to walk towards the runway because the alert area is obscured my some trees between us and them. As finally come into the clear and look at the alert area I see what my mind doesn't want to grasp. A aluminum-ish metalic-ish disk bout 75 feet long and 35-45 feet thick at its mid point is hovering over the alert area about 100-150 feet off the ground. Now again...the sun is still up...the alert area is ringed with stadium style lights and the UFO is plainly visible. I could see no lights on the UFO and it was perfectly still. I wanted to run inside and get binoculars but knew if I did that I'd never see this again so I stood there staring.

Suddenly there was a roar over my left shoulder that scared the hell out of me. I'd forgotten about the KC. Back in those days KC-135s had these incredibly loud engines compared with what they have now. Now the KC has less then a mile to get to the alert area and its headed right for it. Suddenly and with out any noise, (though it would be hard to tell with the Jet inbound) The UFO went from 0 KTS to 300 Knots. No increase in speed.. Just zoom from a stand still.The KC made a bank south east in pursuit and I lost them in the trees.

I ran back inside. Bob Christie was writing and talking and all hell was breaking loose. Bob tells me to sit my ass down and call Minneapolis center (ZMP) point the traffic out and tell them what's going on. I call ZMP point out the KC. The ZMP controller says he has radar on both targets. He tells me he's calling Toronto Center and Cleveland Center and point the traffic out to them. At a point just north of Michigan's thumb the KC pilot transmits, " I don't know what that was, but it just took off like a bat outta hell." he then request vectors back to Wurtsmith and landed without further incident. He told us he couldn't get close. As he increased speed the UFO increased speed. He reported his altitude above FL180.

The next day I'm asleep in the barracks, when there is a pounding on my door. I drag out of bed and am told I have a phone call. I go down the hall to the phone and Bob Christie says "don't shave shower or shit.. just get your ass down to the SAC command post briefing room now!"

When I get there the room is full of Pilots, cops, and others who's uniform doesn't give away their job description. I find Bob and Mike and sit. With in a few minutes a Colonel and two or three other officers get on stage and behind the podium. The colonel tells us in no simple terms we had a security breach the night before and we were not to discuss it with anyone. If we did we'd be charged under such and such article of the UCMJ, and be in violation of some National Security reg and be subject to a $10,000 fine and 10 years in jail.

I've never told anyone this story till the mid 90s when I read an article on some page detailing the infor you have now, or something similar.

Mark A.K. Singh