Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:52:20 -0400
From: Don Ledger <>
Subject: Re: Case update: Nov. 11, 1975; Falconbridge
To: Francis Ridge <>

Brad mentioned:
I believe this was a large Skyhook-like research balloon.

Perhaps so, but then where is the documentation to back up this launch. NORAD would know about it and it would have been NOTAMED. Additionally the sighting is repeatedly refers to objects and there are descent characteristics as well as ascent.

Where did this skyhook come from and go to and when and where was it's research package recovered?

Incidentally CFS Falconbridge was a radar base though there is an airport there serving Sudbury, named Sudbury Airport.

I am always puzzled by these seemingly anonymus research balloons that are released with impunity with absolute disregard for air safety (alerting ATC) and national defence issues-and no one does anything about them. I'm sure in this case NORAD would have backtracked this skyhook to source if they were concerned enough to launch jets to intercept.

Incidentally, Sudbury is an ancient (800 Million years ago) impact crater (5.4 miles in diameter) now noted for its nickel mining.

Don Ledger