Form: Report
Date: Thu, 14 May 2009 16:02:08 -0500
From: Michael Swords
Subject: Montrose, California; July 4, 1976, CE3+
Cat: 2, CE 3, Possible CE 4

[near Los Angeles]

From a multigenerational home, a grandmother and her granddaughter [age 9] were about to engage in their normal evening ritual: walking the dog. Upon reaching the end of the driveway, the granddaughter and the dog began to do their normal route, which was to turn right and walk down the sidewalk allowing the dog to do what a dog's got to do. But the grandmother had hesitated and was staring across the street at something that the child apparently could not see. The grandmother [a perfectly healthy and competent woman, by the way] then, ignoring the child and the dog, turned left and began walking "the wrong way". As the grandmother walked away, her granddaughter was confused and "wondered where she was going". At an adjacent side street the grandmother stopped and stared down that street for a while.

What happened next is not clear. It may be that the granddaughter, worried about her, went and led her back to the house. Somehow she returned and went back inside, and spoke to her son-in-law about seeing a UFO , and queried her granddaughter who said she hadn't seen anything at all. This was the scene as perhaps an outside observer would have witnessed it, but what did the grandmother say happened? When she looked across the street initially, she said she saw a "large lilac-colored glowing round object hovering". It was 25 feet in diameter and surrounded by "orange flames"--something the granddaughter was unlikely to miss. She stared at this thing for a while. Then she felt compelled to walk down the street to the left. Once at the side street, she saw a second object [this one of "no color" and hanging in the air about 75-100 feet away].

She could not remember the trip back to the house with any clarity, and said she felt in a trance or that someone had been trying to hypnotize her. The aftereffects of the experience were fright, a bit of eyestrain, and an "inkling" that someone had been trying to communicate with her. So, somehow, she contacted the UFO community, and underwent hypnosis. The hypnosis initially produced a story wherein she saw a being in the lilac object across the street, which under hypnosis seemed more like a two-dimensional window than a craft. The human-appearing entity seemed staring at instruments and to be a "kind, loving person". He, though, contacted her mentally and told her not to tell anyone about what she was seeing. She then walked down the street [the granddaughter said she was staring at nothing she could see and just standing by a telephone pole]. At that point she thought that "the man was going to come and get me", and became terrified. Then the objects disappeared, and the terror left.

 [We can leave this story at this point, but not without some important questions. The original MUFON investigator took these facts and decided that what was true was that the grandmother had indeed witnessed all these unusual things, and that the entire "action" had been blocked from the granddaughter. An objective listener, who knew nothing of the strangeness that can lie within UFOlogy, would say that it is obvious that the event happened just as the child reported it, with no missing anything needed, and the grandmother had some kind of mental abnormality which was not a serious nor chronic problem. The hypnosis team seemed somewhat caught in the middle, believing the lady's sincerity and general health and intelligence, but having no good reason to dismiss the child's simple normal tale. When this case came to Ted Bloecher at the HUMCAT Project, it bothered him. This was because if a responsible witness could come up with an elaborate close encounter of the third kind under hypnosis, with no apparent leading nor imagery pollution, AND that CE3 have good reason to be seen as false, then what could one honestly claim for the hypnosis technique? Of course, one incident proves nothing, and particularly here there is no final solution, but the hard-to-ignore testimony of the child gave Ted, the ultimate honest man, it should all of us in assessing evidence.These bracketed words are those of the case enterer, Michael Swords, and not necessarily those of the NICAP site].

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