Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2012 09:30:32 -0500
From: francis ridge <>
Subject: Aug. 8, 1976:Gaspesian Park, Quebec; Humanoids/E-M Case

Aug. 8, 1976; Gaspesian Park, Quebec
Night. A husband, wife, and their two teenage sons were driving in the park. There was a thick fog. Despite this a powerful beam of red light penetrated the fog and threw a 6-inch circular spot on the road ahead of them. The beam was sharp-sided like a wide laser. It stayed just ahead of them as they drove, and then performed something remarkable, even in the UFO business. The light "broke" into separate sections and then, like a collapsible telescope, the portions slid back into one another and then like a cut-off "light-saber" rose back into the fog. A dazzling white light then appeared and moved to the road ahead of them.

The husband stopped the car. An intense wave of heat engulfed them, and the lights and radio died. The motor which had been left running, then quit. It would not restart. A smell of acid bit at the nose. All four family members got out of the stifling car, and began to walk closer to the object. When closer, it appeared as a "scallop-shell-shaped" thing resting on legs and wider than the road. [40 feet wide and 15 feet tall]. It was of dull metal, and had square windows out of which the intense light poured. There was a dull "rubbing" sound as of wood on wood. Getting nearer, the inner light dimmed.

The wife pointed at a window and screamed. The husband saw "a massive face with big round fixed eyes." They ran.  Back at the car, the males recovered their courage in a few minutes, and began to re-approach the object. As they got to within ten paces of the thing, its lights went out, and were replaced by two blue-green laser-like beams emerging from behind the craft. The husband vomited.

The beams extinguished, and there stood two beings. They were about seven feet tall and "ugly". [square chinned, yellow faces, big round eyes without eyelids, thick red lips, no sign of noses nor ears, stocky builds with shoulders which stood too high in relation to their necks, and roundish bodies]. They had khaki-brown uniforms and held tubes; one end of which rested on the roadbed. This emphasized the startling fact that they were floating above the surface. The beings stood there as if assessing the witnesses.

In a minute or two more the witnesses broke and ran back to the car, where the husband vomited again. A burst of tremendous light then occurred, followed by an intense wave of heat, which lingered for a while getting worse. Then it passed. When they looked up, the craft was gone--in its place "a slight luminous vapor". Amazingly, once the husband relaxed a bit, all that he and his family suffered as aftereffects were itching sensations, which persisted for about 10 hours.

(Submitted by Mike Swords. Source: Joan Ferguson, Les Humanoides, Lemeac, Quebec, 1977; as repeated in Ted Bloecher's original HUMCAT files, CUFOS).