Dec. 26, 1976; nr Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
6:30 PM. Prior to this time the ambulance service in Whitehorse received a call to rendezvous with an out-of-town ambulance and transfer a patient. The driver and attendant sped off on the Alcan highway towards Haines Junction. At about 6:30 pm they noticed a bright object in the sky, which they took to be an unusual star. But then it began to move at great speed into their area. It moved about somewhat erratically off to their left and low beneath the horizon line. It then took off in a tremendous burst of speed and was gone. The men decided to phone the incident in. The object appeared again then but higher. Then it was gone; then back again. Finally it headed straight at them at high speed.

The driver put the ambulance's "beacon" [apparently a spotlight] on the object, but shortly it failed. The beacon recovered and the object seemed to have come to a dead stop, reversed, and was rushing away. The ambulance went on to Mendenhal without further incident and received their transfer patient, then came back towards Whitehorse on the same route.

Shortly the driver said: there it is again. It was close to the ground and hovering.  They saw the object several more times before reaching their final destination. That was the story from the view of the attendant who was not driving. What he did not know until they had time to discuss it more quietly was that his partner, the driver, had had a bit of further trouble that he had not passed on in the heat of the action.

The driver reported that as the UFO buzzed them several times on the way out, he had lost complete "control of the electrical system of the ambulance". He was thereby somewhat riveted in his attention to what the thing would do next. He said that the UFO definitely did not bother with rounded turns, but immediately reversed directions. Also, when he attempted to flash his beacon, the UFO briefly paced them and flashed back before whisking away. The RCMP had been informed through the radio calls and was running to their rear on some portion of  the trip back to Whitehorse. It is not known whether the RCMP officer saw the more distant sightings of the return trip.

(Submitted by Mike Swords. Sources: RCMP report file on the incident [April 5, 1977] as sent to Thomas Busch [CUFOS files]; "Why the sick or dead?", Canadian UFO Report #26, Winter 1976/1977; and Janice Hamilton & Andrew Hume, "UFO Chases Ambulance", Whitehorse Yukon STAR, January 5, 1977).