Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2012 11:44:17 -0400
From: Richard Vitello <>
Subject: Transcript of handwritten report to Fran Ridge / Aug. 1979; Merom, Indiana Close Encounters
To: fran ridge <>

This incident was reported in 1995 to MUFON Indiana at Mt. Vernon. I was State Director at the time and I assigned the investigation over to my SSD/FI at Vincennes (Knox County), Jerry Sievers. No onsight was  ever conducted nor any MUFON forms completed. However, I have the witnesses name on file and a signed letter as documentation. Provided below *  is a redacted copy of the letter, the drawing, and my letter to the witness on July 5, 1995. Below that is a transcript of that letter made at my request by staff member Richard Vitello.

Fran Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator *

Mr Ridge:

While working with your sister Sherry in the Recovery Room at Good Sumaritan Hospital (1975) we started talking about one of the news stories in the Evanville, Louisville, Terre Haute and Indianapolis newspapers of something that had gotten into some chicken houses and some sheep pens around the Clinton, Indiana area and had ripped them apart.  They were speculating it was the Mo-Mo moving eastward. 

This started us talking about unexplained phenomenon of all sorts and UFOs came up.  I told her of some things that I had seen while stationed in the Marshall Islands for Joint Task Force 7, Project Sandstone, and also between 1958 and 1970 while on the desert in Bocon, Calif., about seven miles from Edwards Air Force Base, and two miles from the Rocket Test Site. 


What I am really interested in though, is getting some information, if there is any, on a sighting a friend of mine and I made on an evening in early August 1979, and which I believe I saw the same thing again on the early morning of April 19th, 1:11 A.M.

The first time, 1979, it was 6:25 P.M. and broad daylight.  It was just hanging in the sky 500-700 yds away then off slowly floated on a path that crossed ours amd disappeared to the north.  We then went to the top of the levee & sat and looked for deer.  We then drove back down the road and came back past Broady's Lake.  I told him I had to go to the bathroom and he said he would stop at the far end of Broady's.  We stopped and he crawled out on his side looking east and I crawled out looking west.  He immediately yelled (or screamed) and when I turned around this huge thing was hovering over a cut wheat field approx. 75-100 yards from us and 200 - 400 feet up.  He started to get an M-2 military carbine out of the truck an this scared me.  I talked him out of doing it becasue I was


scared of what it might do.  We watched and three times it came down to 50 - 75 feet from the ground then went back to it's previous height. Then it took off _very_ slowly toward theh west.  It took maybe 4 minutes to go 200 (approx) yds., like it was searching for something.  It stopped again and it seemed that (it) changed colors (it was a shinny but old looking gold color) around the edges to the blue of electric sparks, and immediately took off of such a high rate of speed that it disappeared in less then 5 seconds.

The second time was on the highway from Mt. Carmel to Princeton the object acted just exactly like the one I saw earlier, except it never came as close and we observed it for a longer period of time.  11:11 AM 1:42 AM.  With one difference.  While it hovered and floated slowly on 4 occasions it took (off) rapidly and seemed to go far enough to disappear and would then returned at a high rate of speed.  And it would just stop (in what seemed like it had run into a stone wall)


and start searching again. 

When it left, it went straight up very rapidly and went into a straight forward flight so quickly I still find it hard to accept. 

About one month (later) a friend of mine told me a man he had never seen before asked him if Clyde Corey and I still kept maps on UFO sightings and marked them as to numbers.  Three days later a man approached a relative of mine and asked him the same questions & even knew where I live. The descriptions of the men were disimilar except for their neatness.

Clyde's mother's sister moved into my apartment complex 1 1/2 years and last Wednesday Clyde came to pick his mother up at her apt.  When I asked if he was still keeping the maps up he said he still had them, but all he was doing now was reading or talking to people about the subject.  Then he told that a stranger had approached and asked him the questions that asked about he and I.  I had not


said anything about my friend and my cousin being questioned.  I have read of this happening but but I was never sure if it was always true. However in a day and age that we had a Vice President imprisoned, a President forced to resign, radiation dumped on cities, and serviemen civilains used as quinea pigs and all of this covered up (or at least attemped to) I can believe anything.

I have attempted to explain away the things that I have seen, and I have looked for similarities and the only similarity was what I have seen here.  I was 7 or 8 miles from Merom Power Plant, and a few miles from Gibson power plant.  The others were on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands about 250 miles from Bikini Atoll and 200 from Enewitok Atoll, and out by Edwards Air Force Base.

My Ridge, of people (as I know you are aware) won't speak of things like this.  However, if you can give me _any_ information


at all, I would appreciate it.  I wondered if any one else had reported anything in these time periods.  Also, are you familar with a man from this area who is from MUFON, named Sievers?  If so, would he be straightforward?  I spoke with him for maybe 5 minutes, on the phone in 1992 and meant to speak with him again, but changed my mind.

Sir I would appreciate very much if you would contact me with any information you might have.  If not, I thank you for being courteous enough to read this letter. 

Sincerely Yours,

(A page of a diagram detailing the physical layout follows then the typed letter by Mr Francis Ridge dated July 5, 1995)