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From: Brad Sparks <unlisted>
Subject: Re: the cash-landrum incident

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From:    JohnWW <johnww@XTRA.CO.NZ>
Subject: Re: the cash-landrum incident

That occurred in southeast Texas on 29 December 1980. A slow-moving very
bright UFO, surrounded by a fleet of military-type black helicopters,
passed over a car carrying Betty Cash and her grand-daughter Vicki
Lendrum, resulting in the latter suffering radiation burns and symptoms
of severe radiation sickness.

I studied the case in detail from the APRO files including medical data. 
Radiation sickness would have been fatal to all three if that was actually
involved, so it had to be something else.

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Dick Hall:

Peter Rank, the radiologist and chief of medicine at his hospital in
Wisconsin analyzed the data. He knew far more about the medical effects of
ionizing radiation than Brad or any of us. Brad hints at some other
explanation, but he may be include a UFO connection. I'm not sure if means
it couldn't have happened as they said or what.

Brad forgot to mention the obvious fact that Betty was the only one fully
exposed to the radiation because she got out in front of the car.

Brad Sparks:
You don't actually quote what Peter Rank says, in detail. I have Schuessler's book on Cash-Landrum right here which is quite devastating.  I think I know quite enough about radiation biology having studied it at NASA Ames Research Center under NASA's leading radiation biologist.  Radiologists don't necessarily know about fatal whole-body doses of ionizing radiation since they do not apply such fatal does to their patients, so there is no reason to study fatal doses in detail.  IONIZING RADIATION is the ONLY kind of radiation that causes "RADIATION SICKNESS."  Infrared, microwave and UV radiation (as well as visible light radiation) do NOT and cannot cause radiation sickness.  If the Cash-Landrum trio had had radiation sickness they would have been dead within days or weeks because the onset of symptoms was so rapid (within 1/2 hour) and so severe that as symptoms of supposed ionizing radiation syndrome it indicates 100% fatal dose, so therefore it could not have been ionizing radiation syndrome they suffered, but some kind of "radio-mimetic" effect, which many chemicals are known to induce (e.g., nitrogen mustards in chemical warfare are radio-mimetic). 

Here is what Peter Rank actually says (Schuessler p. 111):

       "Whether this radiation damage was indeed due to IONIZING radiation
       is at this point UNCLEAR.  Other possibilities include INFRARED,
       ULTRAVIOLET, and MICROWAVE radiation.  I know of no way that we
       will be able to establish anything further as to the type of radiation or
       dose.  The conclusion I can make so far is that radiation damage
       occurred, TYPE UNKNOWN, probably LIMITED IN SEVERITY,
       without evidence of SYSTEMIC involvement." 

Rank did not consider radio-mimetic chemicals, but he recognizes that the Cash-Landrum symptoms DO NOT FIT RADIATION SICKNESS because of the obvious lack of "SYSTEMIC involvement" (which would have been 100% fatal if SYSTEMIC or whole-body in nature), so it has to be in his opinion SOME OTHER KIND of radiation and he speculates on "other possibilities" such as IR, MW and UV, none of which can cause radiation sickness.  It was clearly "LIMITED IN SEVERITY" because they should have died from it if it had been ionizing radiation sickness. 

I also studied the radiation shielding factors involved, unlike anyone else apparently.  For ionizing radiation to travel 140 feet in air from the landed UFO to the car and heavily dose Cash-Landrum it would have to be extremely penetrating radiation that would go right through car window glass as if it was not even there, car window glass would provide essentially ZERO SHIELDING (so the Landrums inside the car would have gotten the same FATAL DOSE of ionizing radiation as Betty Cash who went outside the car IF it had been IONIZING radiation, the only radiation that causes radiation sickness).  Alpha and beta particles could not travel through 140 feet of air.  X-rays would peter out after 140 feet (unless an x-ray laser weapon was deliberately trained on them).  Only gamma rays, neutrons and cosmic rays could travel that distance without tremendous attenuation.  But ionizing radiation SCATTERS, it does not travel a straight line, but a crooked jagged path that GOES AROUND CORNERS.  You cannot hide from ionizing radiation by going behind a car, the engine block and metal body provide MINIMAL or almost NO SHIELDING, as the IONIZING radiation zigzags around the corner as if the car engine or other obstruction was not there. 

The DOE-DOD Effects of Nuclear Weapons (latest rev., 3rd ed. 1977) has an excellent drawing of this around-the-corner effect of ionizing radiation which is called "skyshine" on page 339 in Fig. 8.45, and states (pp. 338, 348):

       "The fact that gamma rays can reach a target from directions other than
       that of the burst point [or source of radiation] has an important bearing
       on the problem of shielding.  A person taking shelter behind a single
       wall, an embankment, or a hill will be shielded, to some extent, from
       the direct gamma rays, but will STILL BE EXPOSED to the scattered
       radiation (or skyshine), as shown by the broken lines in Fig. 8.45a.
       Adequate protection from gamma rays can be secured ONLY if the
       shelter is one which SURROUNDS the individual, so that he can be
       SHIELDED FROM ALL DIRECTIONS (Fig. 8.45b)....

       "... because of the scattering experienced by gamma rays, an adequate
       shield must provide protection from ALL DIRECTIONS.  Somewhat the
       same situation applies to neutrons [as] ... neutrons undergo extensive
       scattering in the air [and] .. their directions of motion are almost
       randomly distributed."

Hence the ionizing radiation shielding factors would not have provided the Landrums inside the car any significant shielding or protection.  They would have gotten about the same fatal dose as Betty Cash outside the car.  So it could not have been ionizing radiation.

However, radio-mimetic chemicals could have been distributed whereby persons inside a car might get significant shielding from the chemical exposure (depending on the type of distribution or medium). 

One last point, as I learned from NASA's chief radiation biologist, it is just not true that it is not possible to determine the radiation dose after the event.  In the 70's a technique of radiation dosimetry was developed using chromosomal aberrations as a dosimeter.  Ionizing radiation causes damage to the DNA molecules resulting in a certain percentage of breaks in the chromosome structure that are not repaired and are proportional to the whole-body ionizing radiation exposure.  These remain for the rest of the person's life and can be measured at any time.  Even tissue samples, if well-preserved, after death can be analyzed for a chromosomal aberration count and a lifetime radiation dosimetric measurement.  This has obvious application to the Cash-Landrum case (last I heard two of three are still alive) and the Villas-Boas case (which does seem to be ionizing radiation).  In addition, rock and soil samples from the Cash-Landrum site can be analyzed at any time even decades after the event for evidence of neutron and gamma irradiation, it doesn't depend on finding and measuring short-life radionuclides that are already long gone.