The Hawesville Close Encounter
Hawesville, Kentucky
August 22, 1987

Francis Ridge:
At the time I was State Director for Indiana MUFON, also known as The Indiana Group. Since the report came to me, and I knew the person who informed me of it, I personally investigated it.  I knew Cindy and I knew her father, a local police officer in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. It was Cindy's brother-in-law's wife who had had the encounter. Since Cindy knew me personally, it was natural for her to inform me about it and she convinced the witness that it was safe for her to report what had happened to her.
her. At first, it wasn't a UFO incident. The 31-year-old witness first thought the lighted object was an industrial plant. What happened when she passed the object , however, frightened her. And when she discovered that there was no such plant there, she knew she had seen a UFO.
The sighting occurred on August 22, 1987 at about 11:00 PM, and, according to the witness, lasted about 3-5 minutes. The locale of the sighting was Hancock County, Hawesville, KY., described as rural with fields and hills. The sky was clear. The object was observed in the NW near the ground, estimated at approximately 15-20'. When closest to her the object was estimated at 50-yards (computed with help of her husband).

The drawing she made is very good, rather than just the old circle as drawn by a lot of other observers. It illustrates somewhat graphically, the brilliant gold, blue, and red lights on a metallic object she described in her report to me which I files with MUFON.  A white glow was described as lighting up the ground, and is not shown. The illustration at the top of this report was done by our Indiana Group Staff Artist, Robert Taylor.  The object did not have a noticeable dome, however.

Her statement:
"I was traveling west on U.S. 60 about 11:00 PM. I had left my parents home in Hawesville and was headed (West) to Lewisport, alone. I first noticed some bright red and blue lights to my right (North). I thought it was an airplane or lights from an industrial plant. As I approached the object I noticed brilliant gold, blue and red lights on what seemed to be on the sides of the object. And it gave off a white glow beneath the object, which lit up the ground below and surrounding trees. The object hovered over the same location.

"As I approached this, I became very shaky. My knees were so weak (that) I could not apply pressure to the gas pedal. I watched the object for a few minutes. I finally got my legs to move and left as fast as I could. I had a terrible feeling of being alone and lost."

End of statement

The object appeared solid, was relatively large, and described as large as a house. No follow-up was conducted to ascertain if there might have been more to this incident. Her estimation of 3-5 minutes is a very long time, I believe. The area the object was in was a flat field and she noticed  the lights for a while prior to and after passing the point in the road of closest proximity.  At normal speed on this highway she would have driven at least three miles, a mile and a half before the CE and the same distance after. It is possible, but I think the estimate here is probably more than the actual. I never asked her about missing time, so I don't know if anything else might have occurred.

Robert Boyd of CUFOS and Willy Smith of the UNICAT Project listed this in their MAYBECAT file. The Berliner evaluation by Dan Wright of MUFON was Strangeness 4; Credibility 1: Night CE of the First Kind/Single Average Witness.. TheSpeiser rating was S4, P4:  Strange, does not conform to known principles/Credible and sound.


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