Russian Radar/Visual (1990)
Pereslavl-Zalesskiy; Russia
March 21, 1990

Richard Hall:

At 9:38 PM, on this date, Lt. Col. A. A. Semenchenko was ordered to investigate an unidentified radar target detected at 2,000 meters (6,600 feet) altitude. A radar post in the vicinity intermittently tracked unexplained objects between 2119 hours and 2230 hours while also tracking several airliners flying in the area. 

Aloft, Semenchenko saw two flashing white lights ahead. At 2205 hours the object moved up and down as much as 1,000 meters and changed course, its movements confirmed by radar. Multiple radar-visual sightings continued over a period of about 45 minutes. Semenchenko locked his gun sight radar on the object, which did not respond to identification friend or foe (IFF) query. He banked into a turn and closed in to within 500 or 600 meters (1,650 or 1,980 feet) flying over the object to try to identify it, but saw only two bright flashing white lights and, briefly, a silhouette behind the lights observed against the backdrop of illumination from the city below. He was ordered to terminate the mission and returned to base. 

Radar Post Log

"2119 hrs. Reports of shining object with red lights moving faster than any aircraft. A second similar object followed the first, range about 40 km, azimuth 260-270 degrees. 

2135 hrs. Object with red lights disappeared at azimuth of 220 degrees. 

2140 hrs. Alternate appearances and disappearances of an object with white lights, range 40 to 100 km, azimuth 250-270 degrees. 

2150 hrs. Steady appearance and hovering of object at azimuth of 270 degrees. 

2155 hrs. Object disappeared at range of 40 km, azimuth 240 degrees. 

2157 hrs. Object reappeared as above. 

2159 hrs. Airplane tracked at range 30-50 km, azimuth 250 degrees on a compass course of 330 degrees. The unidentified object in previous entry turned and rapidly approached the airplane within about 20 km, disappeared from scope, reappeared above and behind the airplane. 

2201 hrs. Object hovering in place at azimuth 190-200 degrees, range up to 100 km. 

2203 hrs. Fighter aircraft [Lt. Col. Semenchenko] appeared on radar scope at azimuth of 240 degrees. As the fighter closed in on unidentified object, the object disappeared. 

2205 hrs. Object reappeared at azimuth 190-220 degrees, hovered for 1-2 minutes, then disappeared." 

Other military witnesses were Capt. V. Birin, who described the object as "like a flying saucer with two very bright lights along the edges"; Capt. V Ivechenko; Capt. N. Filatov; and Capt. I. Lapin.21

Source:  Volume II, The UFO Evidence , Richard Hall (Pages 51,52)