Form:    Report
From:    "Black Box Secrets"
Subject: Brief Report on Flight 3179 & Air Shuttle 5959 Encounter, Feb. 28, 1996

February 28th, 1996, and the US Mid-West was inundated with reports of aeroplane-shaped objects flying around at amazing speeds. Two flights in particular were noted, those of Air shuttle Flight 5959 and Mesaba Airlines Flight 3179.

The Air Shuttle flight first reported a pulsating object below them, in between two cloud layers. Cleveland ATC replied that they had nothing on their radar and asked for an altitude from the pilot. He said that the object was perhaps two thousand feet below them and about ten miles distant. The pilot of Mesaba 3179 confirmed the sighting and reported that it appeared to be flickering.

It was suggested by Cleveland ATC that what they were seeing was a landing beacon, reflecting on the clouds. Both flights replied that it was a distinct light source that they were seeing. The Mesaba pilot said that it was flashing red and green lights, while the Air Shuttle pilot described it as looking like a bright, spinning Frisbee.

Flight 5959 descended beneath the object and viewed it from below, confirming that it was not something on the ground, reflecting into the cloud layers. Mesaba 3179 <>
blinked its lights to see if there was any reaction from the UFO, but there appeared to be none.

What was not covered in the program was that the Mesaba plane reported that one of their passengers had taken photographs of the object and that Cleveland ATC had expressed an interest in seeing them:

Mesaba 3179: Okay, 3179, we got a passenger taking a picture of it right now and, ah, we have a flight attendant who says that, ah, they might have saw the same thing the other night.

Cleveland ATC: Okay, so it's off your right side about two o'clock. I'd sure be interested to see those pictures. Can I, ah, get you an address that you might be able to send a copy, if you get a copy of them?

Mesaba 3179: Yeah, sure. We can do that and actually we made a right turn and he's off about ten to eleven o'clock.

Cleveland ATC: Okay, so he's off your left side. Okay.

Mesaba 3179: Okay, thirty-two-nine. We'll see ya. I wonder if those pictures will show anything.

Mesaba 3179: Air Cleveland, Mesaba 3179.

Cleveland ATC: Mesaba 3179, go ahead.

Mesaba 3179: I just want you to know that I took a picture, as captain, on the left side. I also took [garbled] of some of the stars above, so the lowest light on those pictures. The only single light at the bottom of the picture should be, ah, what you're looking at. And you might be able to get a position with the sky if you want to go that far.

Cleveland ATC: Okay, great. That's a good idea, I appreciate that.

Mesaba 3179: It was an instamatic camera. Good night, sir.

Cleveland ATC: Good night.