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From: Brad Sparks
Subject: Kaplan Meeting, April 27-28, 1949
To: Fran Ridge & Current Encounters

The following pdf file contains all of the resized AFOSI Fold 3 documents now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons and describes the KAPLAN Meeting April 27-28 1949, Pages 2305-2309.


See attached copy from AFOSI files which includes the AFOSI cover memo to Project GRUDGE, breaking the compartmented security that had been ordered by Gen Cabell Director of AF Intelligence and Dr Theodor (no "e" at end) von Karman, Chairman of AF Scientific Advisory Board (AFSAB).

Apparently AF Intell did not like AF R&D's AMC Project GRUDGE and wanted Kaplan to set up a special investigation kept separate from GRUDGE.  The NM security agencies were none too happy with SIGN / GRUDGE and their debunking attitude and were insulted when GRUDGE refused to send reps to the Los Alamos Aerial Phenomena Conference on Feb 16, 1949, which had been planned two months in advance and for which there had been weeks of notice.

When word of NM agencies' displeasure reached Washington and from there to Dayton, AMC abruptly sent Capt Roger J. Groseclose and Lt Howard W. Smith, chief of GRUDGE, to Albuquerque to smooth over things on Feb 24, 1949.  Too little too late.  They were probably unimpressed with the low rank of the officers sent and apparent low level of official backing they displayed.  4th Army intelligence officer Major William Godsoe was very unhappy with this footdragging performance by AMC GRUDGE, suggested that the local AFOSI district just stop cooperating with GRUDGE, the AFOSI rep Capt Melvin Neef did not disagree with the idea and confirmed everyone's unhappiness.  Apparently Godsoe stormed out of the meeting in protest when GRUDGE said nothing to assuage his anger and disgust or anyone else's.  This is one of the major factors leading to the Cabell-von Karman instrumentation plan with Kaplan's help.

As a last-ditch attempt to obtain AMC GRUDGE cooperation, Kirtland AFOSI teletyped AFOSI in Wash DC on April 25, 1949, asking to send two officers to meet with GRUDGE and AMC Intell Deputy Chief Col. William Clingerman to "determine extent of interest by project 'Grudge' in incidents" in their area in NM-West Texas and to arrange for a coordination conference with NM security agencies.  This reasonable request was curtly turned down by teletype on April 27, after Wash DC HQ AFOSI coordinated with the debunkers in AF Intelligence (Defensive Air Branch) and undoubtedly AMC directly since it was obviously pertinent to them.  Kirtland AFOSI was admonished (if not scolded) to just follow existing reporting instructions and here we will send you more copies if you're too dense to get the message.

That was the backdrop to Gen Cabell and Dr von Karman sending Kaplan to NM to bypass GRUDGE, AMC and AF Directorate of R&D (AFDRD).  People even under Cabell were undermining him at the lower levels.  He had to take action at the highest levels -- his own.

Kaplan briefly recounted some of this background to the AF Scientific Advisory Board on Nov 3, 1949.  He said LaPaz brought the NM-Texas incidents to Kaplan's attention.  Then, said Kaplan, "I called Dr. von Karman's attention to it [on April 8].  He, in turn, called General Cabell's attention to the problem, the Director of Intelligence, [on April 12] and he requested I continue looking into the problem."  This second meeting by Kaplan was with Gen Cabell -- when "he requested I continue looking into the problem" -- since Kirtland AFOSI teletyped AFOSI Wash DC on April 27 that "Kaplan here at request of General Cabel [Cabell]" --  and must have occurred sometime in mid-April 1949.  Cabell was the only one with the authority to launch a special project with special security (see below),   Cabell ordered Kaplan to NM to investigate and set up a special project that was to be compartmented from GRUDGE.

When Kaplan met with the NM agencies on April 27, he announced that he would recommend that a "full scale scientific investigation of the aerial phenomena be undertaken as a project" under LaPaz, and as AFOSI recounted it:

"Dr Kaplan stressed that this project was to be separated completely from Project 'Grudge' (old Project 'Sign')."

Eventually, said Kaplan to the AFSAB meeting, Gen Cabell "took the problem out of our hands and landed it, first, into Research and Development in here and then to the Geophysical Research Directorate [of AF R&D]."  This happened in July-Aug 1949 as recorded in a strange series of internal memos driven largely by the debunkers in AF Intelligence Defensive Air Branch.  At one point Cabell made a bizarre comment in a handwritten file note of Aug 13 saying a number of officers complained "we 'tend to ridicule' " the UFO reports but apologized that Major "Boggs did not mean to do so" and he would have Brig Gen Ernest Moore "take action to change that impression."
That action was vacuous and insincere, with more buck-passing and footdragging that stalled the establishment of the Project TWINKLE tracking stations in NM by over 6 months.  While continued UFO and Green Fireball incidents plagued the security agencies in NM and Texas, who were exasperated by the stonewalling they were getting from official Washington.  Even then, it took the insistent action by local NM agencies to force the creation of TWINKLE.  The Commander of Holloman AFB Col. William H. Baynes forced AFRD's hand by ordering the establishment of an instrumented UFO tracking system on Feb 20, 1950, using theodolite, telescope and camera, which was set up in only one day, in operation Feb. 21.  Within two weeks, the GRD of AFDRD was meeting with Holloman personnel on March 5 to set up the tracking equipment for Project TWINKLE, in operation April `1, 1950.

It is so sad that UFO history remains unaware of this very dramatic incident by a group of intelligence officers courageously trying to buck the hostile anti-UFO debunker system.

Brad Sparks


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