Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:39:04 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
The Antarctic. 1957-58 UFO wave.

According to writer Y.S. Durfield:

"As Operation Deepfreeze spread across the Antarctic in 1957-1958, radar trackings of UFOs became almost commonplace. By now, elec­tronics experts knew about unusual magnetic disturbances around the South Pole and could distinguish these natural phenomena from trackings of actual objects. Says PH1 Steven B. Buggs, a member of the Deepfreeze effort, 'We were getting radar trackings which were confirmed by operators at three or four different locations, on the air and ground. There was absolutely no doubt that real UFOs were observed regularly and frequently.'

"Antartic explorers from other nations also spotted bizarre intru­ders during the 1957-58 wave of sightings. Lt. Comdr. O.R. Pagnini, special assistant to the Secretary of the Argentinian Navy, confirmed that a UFO 'flew at low level and interfered (with) passage of one of our vessels.' Four New Zealand scientists at a temperature research station spotted a gleaming, disk-like object in flight in 1958." (41.)

11 October. Outpost Vostok, Antarctic.

"I remember a stirring in my mind."

Again according to writer Y.S. Durfield:

"During this period, the Soviet Union established its scientific outpost, Vostok, near the South Geometric Pole. The Russians, too, promptly began spotting the unexplained objects in the skies. Dr. Yuri I. Danikov, a leading Moscow glacier expert, was one of four of four men who were 'pestered1 by a low-flying, silvery disk on October 11, 1958.

"'It was like a flat stone, but apparently made of steel, and it moved in total silence,' Danikov said later. 'It flew over us, climbed, and then made another pass at lower altitude. We had an eerie feeling, not only that we were being watched, but that some 'force' was attempting to communicate with us. I remember a stirring in my mind. I am absolutely convinced this was a voyager from the cosmos."' (42.)

Source: Durfield, Y.S. "The Eyewitness Report of the Incredible UFO Invasion of Antartica." Ideal's UFO Magazine. #2, ed, D.C. Thrope, p. 48. No information on month or year available. (Miss Durfield's reliability as a source is not known to me -- L. B. Gross.)