Major Ezra Ballard Pops Up

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Is this interesting or what!!!!!  Wonder how he ended his career!--Jan 

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Hi Guys, 

Guess where I found our Sept 10, 1951, Ft. Monmouth T-33 case witness Major 
Ezra Ballard, Jr.?  (His first name has usually been misreported as Edward.). 

He became CO of the ADC Air Defense Direction Center aand 640th AC&W Sq at 
Harmon AFB, Stephenville, Newfoundland, on June 15, 1954, (until 
reassignment to Tyndall AFB, Florida, Mar 1, 1955) the scene of a number of interesting 
UFO radar cases in that rough time frame. 

Some interesting stats from the next quarterly historical report Oct-Dec 54 

In Oct 1954, Ballard's ADDC had 2,184 radar tracks of which 112 were unknown 
Tracks, and of these 48 intercepts by fighters were attempted, 42 were 
completed, 4 were completed by Early Warning Site N-26, and the rest were 
identified by "correlation or other means." 

In Nov 1954, there were 2,827 radar tracks, 86 were unknowns, 36 intercepts 
were attempted, 27 successful, rest identified by "correlation or other 

In Dec 1954, 2,322 radar tracks, 88 unknowns, 31 intercepts attempted, 24 
successful, the rest IDed otherwise. 

Brad Sparks 
640th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron (NEAC) 
The Squadron History 
July 1954 to September 1954 
History of 640th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron 
RCS 1-AF-D2 (64-1)
Major Ezra Ballard Jr. 


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Greetings List, 

Brad has asked me to post the message below. 

Jan Aldrich 

Hi Jan, Fran and Sharon, 

Thanks for your comments. 

To answer Sharon's question on number of Unknown Tracks, note that the NEAC 
area covered had an average of about 3-4 Unknown Tracks per day in Oct-Dec 

On Nov 4-6, 1952, B/Gen Alfred R. Maxwell of the RDB reported back to CIA on 
behalf of the ADC and the Air Staff that the UFO air defense problem was 
insignificant compared to the average of 94 Unknown Tracks PER DAY from all 
air defense regions.  This figure accords with the NEAC stats, given heavier 
air traffic in the continental U.S. than in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Also note that Maxwell's report gives the lie to the later claim made at the 
Robertson Panel that UFO's could jam or overwhelm our air defenses.  CIA had 
simply raised the air defense issue only as a way to force its involvement in 
military intelligence subjects it was retricted or forbidden from entering. 
Now this mere tactical maneuver of Korean War intelligence office politics 
has been elevated to a major myth of UFOlogy. 


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