Bethune Case Update
February 10, 1951
Off  Newfoundland, Canada

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 08:18:46 EDT
Subject: Re: Bethune Case

I don't know your criteria, so will defer to your judgement.  However, here 
is what Bethune has to say on the topic of radar.  It is mentioned three 
times.  I have separated the passages with asterisks:


I went back to the cockpit and advised Jones and Kingdon to keep quiet about 
what we observed because it might have been our first sighting of a flying 
saucer.  During those years when you claimed such a sighting, you were 
presumed crazy.  Lieutenant Jones told me it was too late.  He had just 
reported the object on the radio to Air Traffic Control in Newfoundland, and 
asked if the object could be tracked by radar.  He received no reply to that 
question, but was told years later that they had seen it on radar. 


"They never came back and said whether they saw it or not on radar.  It 
wasn't until years later that I found out that they did see it on their 
radar.  When we got into Argentia, the intelligence people were there and 
separated everyone and took our statements.  We were told not to discuss 
this, which to my knowledge no one did for many years.  It was a very 
interesting thing.  It was very bright and very large.  We did not see little 
green people, or anything like that, but it was an amazing experience. 

Another issue that has never been resolved is whether the UFO was seen on 
radar.  In 1951 the radar systems were much weaker and covered much less area 
than they did even a few years later with the advent of the DEW Line. 
However, there was a radar installation at Gander, Newfoundland, and there 
exists the possibility that the UFO was picked up on that radar.  Both Lt. 
Kingdon and I were told by an officer at Argentia who was a duty officer when 
Capt. Paulsen interviewed us that the UFO had been tracked on radar, but we 
never saw documentation supporting that statement.

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