Form: 97NCP
Date:  3 Feb 2006
From: Francis Ridge, Coordinator
Cat: 10
Distribution: NCP, CE, SHG, Media

Nuclear Connection Project

Subject: The "UFO" Filming, Big Sur, California
September 1964; UFO or IFO?

Francis Ridge:
Update: 22 August 2008
This now appears to have been a UFO disabling a dummy warhead on an Atlas missile. USAF Lt. Robert Jacob's was Officer-in-charge of Photo-Optical Instrumentation for the 1369th Photographic Squadron at Vandenberg AFB. He disclosed his crew's filming of an Atlas missile launch where a UFO allegedly caused the ICBM's warhead malfunction. At the time of the filming apparently no one knew anything about a UFO. But the next morning Jacobs was ordered to report to the office of Maj. Florenz Mansmann, First STRAT AD, his commanding officer where he was shown the film and was told to forget it ever happened. Kingston George, the project engineer for the experiments, and who probably never saw the film, "identified" the object as "nothing to do with UFOs" in an article by the Skeptical Enquirer  (Winter of 1993). Before Mansmann's death, and 40 years after the actual event, the major confirmed a UFO incident in writing. The opinion of some serious researchers on our team, however, suggests that the telescope imaging system was not adequate enough to produce the results described by Jacobs and Mannsman.

As coordinator for the Lunascan Project, which originally used a vidicon tube camera and now uses CCD and digital cameras, I had concluded that the Big Sur system and its Image Orthocon could have performed as suggested by Jacobs, with the resolution and seeing conditions  that were present during those tests. With the res a given, image projection could have easily pumped up the image even more. Later, we used the expertise of John Waskiewicz to calculate the capabilities, and his conclusion was that the images would have been very small. The latest analysis, by Mark Rodeghier of CUFOS, using the resolution of the 24" scope used at Big Sur, shows that the system was capable of producing images as described by Mannsman & Jacobs as described.

Robert Jacobs on "Virtually Strange" radio program with james Errol Knapp (.ra audio clip)
UFO Filmed Circling Atlas Rocket - T. Scott Crain (dated Sept 1988)
Deliberate Deception: The Big Sur UFO Filming - Bob Jacobs, Ph.D. (dated Jan 1989)
Big Sur Explained? Maybe; Maybe Not - Email log
Map of Big Sur
More Maps - Anderson Peak
USAKA and three maps of launch and target areas
The Atlas Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile
Low Klass: a rejoinder - Dr. Bob Jacobs (circ Sept 2003)
Interfering With Atlas - Clark McClelland
May 6, 1987 Mansmann letter
The Big Sur 'UFO' : An Indentified Flying Object - Kingston George (Skeptical Inquirer, Winter, 1993

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