SS Sebago Case

November 5, 1957

Antonio Rullan:
5.5 SS Sebago – November 5, 1957. At 5:10 AM and about 200 miles south of New Orleans, the US Coast Guard Cutter SS Sebago began detecting unidentified targets on its radar. In an 11-minute period, 3 unidentified targets were detected at different locations and with different courses. The first target moved South and then back to the North and was located NW of the ship. The 2nd target moved SW and it was located SW of the ship. The third target was stationary and it was located North of the ship. None of these radar targets were corroborated with visual sightings. At 5:21 AM, a visual contact was made with an object directlyWest of the ship that was traveling north. The visual sighting lasted only 3 seconds and was not captured in radar. The bright object resembled a brilliant planet and was seen at an elevation of 31°. The press assumed that all 4 contacts were the same object, but there was no evidence in the record to conclude that. This case was reported in the press and received wide publicity because it occurred right after the Levelland Sightings and during the flap of November 1957. The case was also summarized in NICAP’s 1964 report titled The UFO Evidence.

Blue Book Conclusions:
Visual sighting was Meteor
3 Radar Targets were Spurious Returns