Air Force Base UFO Alert - Tape-Recorded
Edwards Air Force Base, California
October 7, 1965

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An actual UFO Military Alert took place at Edwards Air Force Base in California on the night of October 7, 1965. Also involved were the following Air Force Bases in California: NORTON, GEORGE, HAMILTON and MARCH plus NORAD and THE  WESTERN AIR DEFENSE COMMAND. 

During this event, F-106 Interceptors were sent up after 12 luminous UFOBs (Air Force Classification), which were high tech solid craft, under apparent intelligent control, which easily outdistanced the F-106s at 40,000 foot altitude. 

The objects were no known objects to the military personnel at Edwards, where astronauts are trained and exotic classified military test aircraft fly. The people there were well aware of government projects and the known technology of the time. 

Major Struble from an outfit known as LAADS (Los Angeles Air Defense Sector), a division of ARADCOM (Army Air Defense Command) authorized the making of Recordings of voice transmissions made by military personnel to and from Edwards Air Force Base- from BASE TO BASE COMMUNICATIONS, PHONE PATCHES, GROUND TO AIR RADIO and TOWER TO AIR RADIO. These recordings archived the conversations which documented this event of UFO visitation of a highly secure military base. The audio recordings were made on an extra track of large reels of Radar Visual Tapes, which were running all the time in the case of an accident and the need to review the radar tracks. 

The event at Edwards Air Force Base took place over about a five hour period and since the voice recordings were made from at least 8 positions, approximately 40 hours of audio recordings had to have been made. Out of the possible 40hours of these tape recordings only 6 hours were declassified by the Department of the Air Force. These six hours of recordings were made available in a declassified form known as "Scrambled Release" - chopped up to make no sense to the listener. 

The six hours were deliberately cut up out of sequence with additional noise overlaid and much key material deleted. Those historians hearing the six hours of tape as declassified could make no sense out of them at all. While researching U.S. Government involvement in the UFO phenomenon, film producer Samuel M. Sherman obtained the six hours of tapes as declassified. 

He felt there was a story buried in the audio jumble. For eight months he analyzed the tapes, learned about Air Force history and identified most of the voices on the tapes, and where they were located. With the assistance of Major George Filer (retired - Air Force Intelligence) - TSgt Charles "Chuck" Sorrels (ret.) was located. Sorrels was the original Tower Operator (Air Traffic Controller) at Edwards AFB the night of the UFO event and is heard on the original tapes starting the UFO Alert and vectoring one of the F-106s after the UFOs. 

With the help of Filer, Sorrels and research from 12 military agencies, the actual story of this event was pieced together, just as Sherman pieced the tapes back together in chronological order. Choosing the most important materials in the tapes and removing the sections of loud background noise, Sherman edited the tapes with the addition of explanatory narration by veteran announcer Jackson Beck and added original music by Harry Barber. Chuck Sorrels made a newly recorded statement about what actually took place at Edwards AFB on the night of October 7, 1965, confirming the events as presented. Sorrels is heard on both the new and old recordings. The original archival recordings were processed in computer to enhance the quality of the voices. 

What emerged is a final 54 minute Audio Documentary - THE  EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER - which tells a clearly understood story of UFO intrusion at a US military base and the response by the proper agencies. 

Copies of THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER were used to brief members of the U. S. Congress on the UFO subject, with Chuck Sorrels there to verify the presentation as authentic.

AUDIO DOCUMENTARY - Once Secret Official Voice Recordings from the Department of the Air Force of a UFO Alert at Edwards Air Force Base in California on the night of October 7, 1965. Guaranteed Authentic Material. 

Five Air Bases and NORAD involved! F-106 Interceptors scrambled after luminous UFOs are witnessed by military personnel flying low over a secure Air Force runway for hours! 

You will hear recordings made from phone  patches, base-to-base communications, ground-to-air radio and tower-to-air radio. These recordings were made at the order of the Western Air Defense Command, when UFOs were spotted over a secure Air Force base that tests space vehicles and trains astronauts and which is now the alternate Shuttle landing site. 

The voice transmissions were recorded on an extra track of large rolls of magnetic recording tape used to record the radar signals which would be reviewed in case of an accident. 

"THE EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE ENCOUNTER" features an exclusive interview with Tech. Sgt. Charles Sorrels who was the tower operator at Edwards Air Force Base, who is heard on the original recordings, and who first spotted the UFOs and caused the alert. In this new recording he verifies the events just as they are heard. 


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