Another Edwards AFB Encounter
Darryl Clark: My Personal Sighting
August 1966

Sam Sherman:
(The October 7, 1965 alert) ... is one of the most compelling, and convincing pieces of evidence to ever surface into the public sector! You hear the actual audio recordings of tower, base and aircraft transmissions reporting and dealing with several UFOs that invaded the airspace above Edwards AFB......! These sightings were confirmed visually and on radar by many people on duty at Edwards AFB, The Los Angeles Air Defense Sector, NORAD, Norton AFB, Hamilton AFB, George AFB and March AFB, with genuine documentable audio tape, recently released by the U.S. Air Force and obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. 

Darryl Clark:
One night in about July or August of 1966 I saw a UFO.  I was on alert at Edwards Air Force Base in California and was senior ranking officer on duty. At about 0200 hours I got a call from the Senior Controller from SAGE Center in San Bernardino. He said they had reports of UFO's and had some radar contacts. He asked if I could get one of our F-106 A's airborne. Our alert aircraft were armed with nuclear weapons and were only authorized to fly by order and proper authentication with top secret authenticators. He declined to go that far. 

The tower personnel at Edwards had reported visual sightings so I went outside and stood by our alert van with radio contact with the control tower. I also had a pair of binoculars (10 x 50 power). As I scanned the sky, it being cloudless starlit night with little or no moon, I observed a pulsating light to the northwest of my position moving south at about 1000 feet above the ground and around 300 knots. 

I grabbed the binoculars and got a better look. The UFO was  about 10 miles northwest of my position at first sighting. It  continued south until it was almost due west of me. There it made a 90°right turn and started to blink at a 45 to 50° angle. All I could see was the pulsating (not rotating) light and what appeared to be a small cloud pushed by a vehicle I could not see. 

The UFO never leveled off, it just continued to climb. Aircraft always show movement in relation to the stars, but as this light moved higher it seemed to become stabilized with the stars. In other words it appeared to move right out into space until it passed out of view. 

As soon as it disappeared, I called radar control, and Edwards approach control and asked if they had seen it on radar. They said they had seen nothing in that area. Three other people besides myself had seen the light and followed it's movement, but no radar contact had been made. 

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