Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 17:36:01 -0600
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject:  Captain Clark's Sighting, The Edwards AFB Encounter, Nuclear Weapons

The Edward's AFB encounter of October 7, 1965 is graphically described on authenticated Air Force radar tapes. One of the witnesses on that tape was Captain Darryl Clark.

Captain Clark?


Uh, Lieutenant Fisk [SOUNDS LIKE: deputy] here. Yeah .

It's a, uh--  What do you think of it?

Well, I'll tell you.  When I first saw the thing it was approaching the base from the north and it looked like a fairly, uh, low altitude, probably, uh, 10,000 feet and, uh, I got a good look at it with the binoculars.  It seemed to be pushing a little cloud in front of it and I thought, uh, well, at first, you know, looks like a rotating beacon hitting a cloud.

Years later Captain Clark, now deceased, was contacted and he wrote a letter confirming a sighting he said that he had in 1966. The above statement on the Edwards tape shows that, like many impressive incidents (or many traumatic events) intricate details can be recalled, even the time of day, but the person may not remember the year. As one can see, the letter says 1966, but the tape proves it was 1965. It also proves that, for  awhile, during the decision to scramble, nuclear weapons onboard the six alert birds became an issue. This is also clear earlier in the transcript & recording.
One night in about July or August of 1966 I saw a UFO.  I was on alert at Edwards Air Force Base in California and was senior ranking officer on duty. At about 0200 hours I got a call from the Senior Controller from SAGE Center in San Bernardino. He said they had reports of UFO's and had some radar contacts. He asked if I could get one of our F-106A's airborne. Our alert aircraft were armed with nuclear weapons and were only authorized to fly by order and proper authentication with top secret authenticators. He declined to go that far. 


I grabbed the binoculars and got a better look. The UFO was  about 10 miles northwest of my position at first sighting. It  continued south until it was almost due west of me. There it made a 90° right turn and started to blink at a 45 to 50° angle. All I could see was the pulsating (not rotating) light and what appeared to be a small cloud pushed by a vehicle I could not see. .

For the record, here is the actual document, followed by the retyped version:

The documents and tapes verify that Captain Clark was there at Det. 1 (Detachment 1) Edwards AFB, accurately reported his incident, that the event took place on October 7, 1965, and that F-106's had been on alert at George AFB, Victorville (CA) and were originally carrying nuclear-tipped missiles.  Sometime within  3-1/2  hours, Alpha Lima Zero One, one of those alert "birds" had its weapon removed before it was scrambled after the UFOs that invaded restricted areas over California's air space.

Map of Edwards AFB region

Francis Ridge
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