Form: BBDocs
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2006 14:40:58 +0000 (GMT)
From: Francis Ridge,
Recent Research Into Edwards Incident; Oct 7, 1965
Cat: 9,11

A search for anything regarding the October 7, 1965 incident at Edwards turned up two items:
1) NARA-PBB1-356 - A listing on a sighting page at Blue Book. Listed as "visual" and "radar". Note "separate folder" and all the explanations, none of which "fly" based on what we hear on the audiotapes.
2) NARA-PBB94 810-828 - Cover page, "File 10021, Oct. 7, 1965, Edwards AFB, 17 photos", and 17 pages of "photos". The images are worthless.

Both items are inserted below, for the record.

I then suggested to Rebecca Wise of the Project Blue Book Archive that we jump ahead to 1965 and try to locate further documents on this incident. He replied:

"I have no problem with jumping ahead to the relevant 1965 roll.  Do you mean NARA roll or NARA-Maxwell roll?  I'm not sure what would be required to finance this beyond purchasing the relevant NARA roll.  Jan would probably be willing to lend us his roll but it might be better yet to try the NARA-Maxwell roll instead.  For around $100.00 per roll we can have the roll scanned by a service bureau but the results I've been able to acquire thus far via this method, although acceptable, have been less than optimal." (Listing) (photos)

 Page ID (PID)  NARA-PBB1-356
 Collection  National Archives (NARA)
Roll Description  NARA Blue Book Roll 1
Document Code  T1206-1

  Page ID (PID)  NARA-PBB94-810
Collection  National Archives (NARA)
Roll Description  NARA Blue Book Roll 94
Document Code  T1206-94