Date:  Wed, 12 Mar 2008 20:50:57 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brad Sparks
Subject: Edwards AFB Encounter & Radar, Oct. 1965

There were a number of radars at each site, generally a search radar and a height-finder radar, and it is not always clear which ones were actually in use.

Furthermore there were quite possibly FAA radar, AF air defense radars, and AF air traffic control radar all involved.  Edwards AFB Tower had at least one air traffic radar, a RAPCON (radar approach control).

The Blue Book docs indicate the radar scope photos were taken by San Pedro because San Pedro declares the Track Numbers and talks about scope photos.

San Pedro was the  670th ACW Squadron (later the 670th Radar Squadron) at Fort MacArthur, CA at:
Latitude: 33-44-46 N, Longitude: 118-20-10 W

However, San Pedro in 1965 operated both an FAA ARSR-1C search radar, an AF FPS-27 frequency diversity S-band SAGE search radar (150,000 ft and 220 nmi range), and two AF height-finders FPS-90 (modified FPS-6B) S-band height-finder and FPS-26A frequency diversity C-band SAGE height-finder.

Boron AF Station 750th AC&W Squadron was at Edwards AFB at the NE corner of the Edwards reservation.
Boron AFS, CA, was at:
Latitude: 35-04-44 N, Longitude: 117-34-45 W

Boron in 1965 was a joint-use FAA/ADC radar site, and had an FPS-35 frequency diversity SAGE search radar, an FPS-26A height-finder, an FPS-90 height-finder and possibly still an older FPS-6A height-finder.