Transcript / Robert Todd's Letter to Sherman Larsen, CUFOS

With regard to Mr. Fournet, I told you that I had talked with the gentleman responsible for the analyses performed on the Utah and Montana films. The gentleman's name is Mr. Harry Wing Woo, formerly with the Navy's Photo Intelligence Center and the Central Intelligence Agency. He has since retired.

Mr. Woo was contacted by the Naval Intelligence Command in my behalf and was asked if he would contact me regarding the matter of his analysis. He phoned me and we talked about his analysis and other matters relating to UPOs. During our conversation I asked him if he had ever seen the ATIC 1948 Estimate of the Situation. He told me that then Major Fournet had showed it to him.

Major Fournet, so said Mr. Woo, was less than pleased with the way in which the Air Force was conducting their investigations. At least he didn't seem to be satisfied with the conclusions reached. Neither, apparently, was the Navy. Mr, Woo told me that the Navy had seriously considered starting their own investigation into UFOs but didn't for the lack of nationwide facilities equal to those of the Air Force.

Mr, Woo stated that he had also been invited to a secret Pentagon briefing where a gun camera film shot by an Air Force pilot had been shown, (It is interesting to note that Mr, Woo thought that all this information was still classified and was somewhat reluctant to speak about it. I did, however, tell him that the CIA had declassified the Robertson Panel report and that all documentation was supposed to have been declassified.)

Mr, Woo's address and telephone number follows:
Mr. Harry woo