Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2010 05:37:15 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Norvin C. "Bud" Evans: Resume

Norvin C. "Bud" Evans


Norvin C. "Bud" Evans spent 23 years in the USAAF and USAF flying in WW-II, Korea and Vietnam during which he completed 3 combat tours. His last 13 years in the USAF were flying Experimental Flight Test in Fighter Test Operations at Edwards AFB, CA and Wright-Patterson AFB, OH. During the 3-1/2 years following his retirement from the USAF he trained as a civilian astronaut on the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. When the program was canceled he returned to flight testing as a civilian test pilot with the Republic Aviation Company, flying all of the test flights on the F-105G "Wild Weasel". His civilian flight test career continued as he flew with various aircraft manufacturers including the Piper Aircraft Company where he was the chief test pilot for the Turbo-prop P-51 "Enforcer". That brought him to this part of Florida. He bought his home in Indialantic in 1971 and commuted to Vero Beach daily. Although his subsequent jobs took him away from the area several times, he returned in 1986 to settle down in his home in Indialantic.

During his 38 years of flight testing some of his accomplishments have been: 2 "First Flights" for the USAF on new model aircraft and 7 "First Flights" on new model aircraft for civilian aircraft manufacturing companies. His highest flights have been in the U-2, his fastest in the F-15. During his 61-year flying career; (38 of which have been as an Experimental Test Pilot), he has flown over 15,000 hours in 203 different types of aircraft.

Bud has performed flight demonstrations before the King of Belgium and the King of Saudi Arabia. He has been awarded 36 U.S. and foreign decorations and has been made a "Fellow" in the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. (The worlds most prestigious pilot organization). He has served on the Board of Directors for the Valiant Air Command for ten years and has been the Air Show Chairman for the TICO Warbird Air Show, which is held every March in Titusville.