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DISTRIBUTION: MUFON International HQ, 1 Copy, weekly during UFOI

CASE: Fort Dix/McGuire AFB Case                                            INCIDENT DATE: January 18, 1978

Date               Action/Activity

Letter to Len Stringfield from informant
Incident Complaint Report, Page 1
Page 2

Air Force response
Army response
10/04/85         Letter sent to Senator Dan Quayle, Senator Richard Lugar, 
                       Representative Frank McCloskey, which included attachments: copy of 
                       letter to Stringfield, copy of Incident/Complaint Report, responses from AF 
                       and Army. 

11/04/85          Letter  from Rep. Frank McCloskey, Armed Services Committee, stating he had 
                        asked the Department of the Air Force to comment, dated November 4th. 

11/08/85          Notified Walt Andrus about letters to above by telephone. 

11/11/85          My letter to Sen. Frank McCloskey, in response to his courteous reply. 

11/15/85          Received onion skin copy of Nov. 8 letter sent to McCloskey from Lt. Col. Robert A 
                        Casagrande, Dept. of the Air Force, Washington, DC, dated 8 Nov. Casagrande said 
                        he couldn't locate any records and couldn't  trace the case w/o a case number. 

12/15/85          Received Sept 1985 CAUS Washington Report: "Dix-McGuire: The Smoking Gun 

12/31/85          xxx Letter from Senator Dan Quayle, echoing McClosky's first attempt and awaiting 
                        response from Defense Department. 

02/28/86          Letter from Senator Quayle dated Feb 18.  Enclosed was 13 January 1986 Department
                        of the Air Force letter  from Lt. Col.
Casagrande, identical to Nov 8 letter, but better quality. 


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