MADAR;   Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording
Francis L. Ridge, Director
618 Davis Drive
Station, Mt. Vernon, IN  47620

October 4, 1985

Honorable Dan Quayle
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Quayle:

I am the State-Section Director for Posey, Vanderburg, and Gibson counties for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), an international organization. I work with the local police, sheriff, state police, airport control tower people, etc., in regards to unidentified aerial phenomenon reported by the public (and sometimes by the law enforcement people, etc.). In the earlier years I served with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (1960- 1974) and they worked with a lot of congressional committees trying to get serious attention on the problems inherent in the situation. We ran into a "wall" when in 1968 the House Committee on Science & Astronautics, chaired by George P. Miller (California) and J. Edward Roush (Indiana), had to wait & see what the University of Colorado decided, as far as the fate of future investigations by the Air Force Project BLUE BOOK. As a result, Dr. Condon's study recommended BLUE BOOK be shut down, and it was, in 1969. Newly released documents uncovered through the Freedom of Information Act show that the government is withholding a lot of information on UFOs, and that the government is still interested in UFOs. Project BLUE BOOK was only a "front".

I am assuming that you have some knowledge in regards this subject. The public opinion polls show that we have come a long way the last 10 years. I have a request. This is being done all over the country and you will not be the only one working on this, but your help is needed if we are to succeed. I have enclosed a document that we of MUFON feel is of key importance to the issue. It is an Incident Report that was given to us by a confidential source. It appears to be authentic. After months of exhaustive research by Leonard Stringfield, Richard Hall, and a few others, the case seems to be standing the test of time. Also, besides the "leaked" document, the person reporting says that he will "go public" with his name when he is assured of a safe forum for his story, such as a congressional committee hearing.

The incident reportedly occurred on January 18, 1978, at Fort Dix-McGuire AFB, N.J. It describes a UFO encounter/alien body retrieval operation. It is a "leaked" document confirming the basic facts of the reporting personnel's story - the document being an "Incident Report" filed by the McGuire Security Police & forwarded to the USAF Office of Scientific Investigation (OSI) for coordination of any follow-up request.

what I am asking, initially, is for you to send this request to the appropriate House/Senate committee for their review and investigation. After about thirty days I will write to the committee chairman, directly, to determine what his committee is doing, or plans to do, to resolve the issue. There is always the possibility that documents like this may be deliberately "planted" so as to be easily discredited, especially since we have gotten over 3,000 cleared as a result of FOIA lawsuits. One such document turned out to be fraudulent about a year ago, but wasn't an embarrassment to us since we exposed it. But this document that you have appears to be real.

In the meantime, we are trying to track down the current location of the several principals cited in the preliminary Incident Report (whose names we deleted from your copy) so as to protect them from the same type of reprisal allegedly incurred by Stringfield's informant.

If you need further information, please contact me whenever possible. Surely, you can see the implications if this one of many incidents can be confirmed. What we hope to get are the follow-up reports that can help resolve any question about the case's authenticity, comparative importance, and outcome. Where do the reports repose now ? The letter, dated 1 February 1985 (also enclosed) states the reports would have been held 5-years, then destroyed! Or, if they were important and classified (which we assume something of this nature would be), where are they now ?

This is only one of the problems involving UFOs that we are trying to resolve, but the implications here are staggering. The full 17-page SYMPAP report by researcher, Leonard Stringfield, will be provided upon request.


Francis L. Ridge
State-Section Director,
Mutual UFO Network, Inc.

Letter to Stringfield from Dept. of the Air Force, informant.
Copy, Incident/Complaint Report, 18 Jan 1978.
Drawings, diagrams.
Letter copies of AF & Army responses.