The Betty & Barney Hill Abduction
 September 19-20, 1961
Near Indian Head, NH

 Betty Hill, 41; Barney Hill, 39

Preliminary: Driving home to Portsmouth, NH, from a vacation trip at about 11:00 P.M., they saw a star like object approaching them on an erratic course; it looked like a craft. Through binoculars Barney saw beings in it looking at him. He fled to the car and they sped away They experienced a time lapse. 

Initial activities: Under hypnosis details of an encounter emerged; six or more humanoid beings approached their car after they turned off into a wooded area, and they were escorted up a ramp and on board the craft. 

Craft/Beings: Disc-shaped with windows, a half-dozen uniformed beings visible inside. Beings were 5 ft. to 5 ft. 4 in. (1.5-1.6 m) tall, and had broad foreheads, round faces tapered toward the chin, dark cat like eyes that extended around to the side of the head, small mouths, small noses, grayish skin, dark clothing. 

Onboard features: Curved corridor around the circumference of the craft. Witnesses taken into wedge-shaped rooms. Metallic and white examining rooms illuminated by bluish fluorescence, with tables and various equipment, instruments, storage compartments. 

Onboard activities: First Betty and then Barney was extensively examined. 

Communication: When communicating among themselves, the beings made a mumbling or humming sound. Only the leader and the examiner communicated with them. Betty (apparently via telepathy) was told that she should not be afraid; they only wanted to conduct some tests and would return them to the car. Later they asked her about concepts of aging and measures of time. 

Termination/Return: Two men escorted Barney to the exit, his eyes still closed. Barney walked down the ramp, opened his eyes, and saw the car. He got inside and sat waiting for Betty. The leader escorted Betty partway to the car. After the craft took off, she got back in the car and Barney drove off. 

Aftermath: Both felt numb and confused and had memory gaps. They reached home about 5:00 A.M., two hours later than expected. Barney found the tops of his shoes scuffed, and burrs in his cuffs and socks. Ten days later Betty had vivid nightmares about the experience. Barney had a vague dream about a roadblock, later had physical problems. Eventually they sought help and were referred for psychological counseling. When the full story emerged under hypnosis, the case became one of the most celebrated UFO incidents of all time. 

Source: Volume II, The UFO Evidence, A Thirty Year Report, Richard H. Hall, Page 528-529.