New Drawings Of Hill "Abductors"

Barney Hill's drawing of leader looks more cat-like than human Drawn under hypnosis it shows cap and scarf "leader" reportedly wore but no mouth. Later drawing by Barney not done under hypnosis, includes mouth.

Of all the questions asked about the Hill case, one reoccurs more than any other: What did the creatures look like? Under hypnosis, Barney Hill drew a rough sketch of the figure he called the "leader", who reportedly stood in the window of the UFO and seemed to focus his eyes on Barney, who felt suddenly very afraid. Barney's sketch, however, left many points of facial detail unanswered, and despite exhaustive investigation by author John Fuller and NICAP agent Walter Webb, no opportunity arose in the course of their work to develop a precise drawing of the reported creatures' physical appearance.. 

In the latter part of 1966, after Fuller's  book The Interrupted Journey had appeared and the Hill case was making headlines across the nation, the Hills happened to meet a professional artist named David C. Baker, who lived in New Hampshire and had an interest in UFOs that dated back to 1958 when he had joined NICAP. Baker and Barney shared a common affection for jazz music, and during subsequent months, the Hills occasionally visited Baker and his wife to attend a jazz concert or listen to jazz records. 

Sometime in the fall of 1967, Barney and Betty traveled to Baker's home near the slopes of Mt. Washington for one of these informal sessions. After dinner one evening, Baker happened to ask Barney if a "police artist" had ever attempted to make a detailed sketch of the creatures the Hills reported. When Barney said no, Baker suggested he might try, if Barney would describe the creatures as best as he could remember them. With some misgiving, Barney agreed, and during the next few hours, Baker was able to do approximately ten rough drawings of the "leader" and some of the other creatures. Barney reacted with visible emotion as the drawings were being done, and when Betty saw them later that same night, "she went walking down to the other end of the room, and just walked in tight circles and stayed by the window, very much upset," Baker later reported. 

A few weeks afterward, on the basis of the drawings, Baker was able to do another series of sketches and three watercolor paintings. Not long after these were finished, he met with the Hills at the home of Dr. Simon and was allowed to question Barney under hypnosis concerning the creatures' appearance and other details of the Hill report. This experience, plus his original session with Barney, provided him unique information on the characteristics of the alleged occupants- much of it new information not previously brought out. It also made him the only professional artist ever to interview Barney Hill under hypnosis. 

Baker showed the drawings and paintings to the Hills and a few friends, but never publicized or offered them for sale. Even John Fuller has not had occasion to see them until NICAP recently obtained them to use in the newsletter. They represent the most accurate artistic renderings known to exist of the Hill humanoids, and are an important new addition to the already remarkable file on Betty and Barney Hill. 

NICAP is indebted to artist David C. Baker for permission to publish his drawings and paintings of the Hill case. Readers are reminded that the drawings and paintings are the property of Mr. Baker and may not be reproduced or published without his express authority.

Source: UFO INVESTIGATOR, April 1972, page 3

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