Hynek  RV-1
January 13, 1967
Nr. Winslow, Arizona

J. Allen Hynek:
The following excerpts from a transcript of a conversation between a Lear jet pilot, the Albuquerque control tower, and a National Airlines pilot are revealing with respect to both reactions and attitudes.

Prior to the excerpts given, a conversation had been in progress between the Albuquerque control tower and the pilot of a Lear jet near Winslow, Arizona. The jet had been describing a red light, initially at their ten o'clock position, that flashed on and off and that quadrupled itself in a vertical direction. The Albuquerque radar "painted" just one object whenever the light was on, none when it was off. The light repeated the quadrupling process a number of times, seeming to "retract into itself the lights below the original light"; then as the tower warned the jet that the object was getting closer, it seemed to play a cat-and-mouse game with the jet, involving some rapid accelerations.

After some 25 minutes and with terrific acceleration, according to the jet pilot, whom I interviewed at length but who insists on anonymity, the object ascended at a 30-degree angle and was gone in fewer than 10 seconds. The Albuquerque radar, according to the jet pilot, "painted" the object until the time of its final acceleration and disappearance. A brief portion of the radio conversation involving the Lear pilot ( L), the Albuquerque tower (A), and a National Airlines pilot (N) is revealing of both reactions and attitudes.

A to N: Do you see anything at your 11 o'clock position?

N to A: We don't see anything.

A to N: Are you sure nothing at your 11 o'clock position?

A to N: Did you hear conversation with Lear jet?

N to A: Yes, we have the object now - we've been watching it.

A To N: What does object appear to he doing?

N to A: Exactly what Lear jet said.

A to N: Do you want to report a UFO?

N to A: No.

A to L: Do you want to report a UFO?

L to A: No. We don't want to report.

Source: The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry, J. Allen Hynek