Radar / Visual Over Japan - M/AR
Near Hiroshima
March 14, 1953

Date 1953/03/14 Country Japan
Time 23:45 LT Location north of Hiroshima
Duration 5 mn Coordinates 37°25 N / 152°25 E

Case Summary:
(Abstract of the USAF Air Intelligence Information report)   Description of object :  Statements of the aerial phenomena as observed by crew members had some degree of variance attributable to the short durationof the sightings, varying locations of the observers and distractions of observers by other duties. However there was a consistency in reporting a stream of dull orange lights varying to red,yellow and bluish. These lights were further described as having no sound audible over engine noises, being luminous but not very bright, and ranging in size from that of a dinner plate to a size little larger than a golf ball. These lights were visually sighted from 1030 level to a position  of 100 to 110 degrees off the port quarter (approximately 0830) at a distance from 3 to 7 miles and at a relatively level altitude from the aircraft which was flying at 12,3000 ft to an altitude 15° high from the observers'aircraft.   Radar observation tracked what appeared to be an aircraft target (unidentified) from 45 degrees starboard at 7 miles to 110 degrees port at 7 miles range.Immediate coordination between the aircraft pilot and the radar observer established tracks coincidental with visually observed lights. The colored lights appeared to be traveling in a straight line in about 20 successive groups with an interval of 10 seconds between the sighting of each group. Each group appeared to consist of approximately 3 to 6 lights illuminated for a duration of approximately 3 seconds. These lights appeared to travel in a straight line with extreme precision in separation at a speed variously reported from lack of motion to 500 knots. The majority of statements indicated little relative motion to that of the observers'aircraft. On occasion two and possibly and possibly three groups of lights appeared simultaneously. Without  regard to distance, the lights appeared to be the relative size of oranges spaced one foot apart and when two groups appeared the lower group would be relatively two feet below and slightly aft of the upper group. At one time the radar operator also reported scope sightings of two targets which merged.  A total of approximately 90-100 such lights were sighted in approximately 20 groups during the five minutes observation.   Manner of observation :  Observers'aircraft, P2V-5 BUNO 124898 had completed a routine Anti-Submarine Patrol for Task Force 77 and was released to return to base. Aircraft was darkened inside and out. Initial sighting was visual by the co-pilot. Lights were first observed out of the corner of co-pilot's eye and upon repetition were called to the attention of the pilot who alerted the crew. Several crew members verified the visual observation. Preceeding the alert a radar target had been closing rather slowly on the port side. Radar fix was established at 37°25' N, 132°45' E by an APS-20 « operating excellently ».   (See the statements of the crew members which are included in the xerox copy of the Air Intelligence Information Report.)

Type of Aircraft  P2V-5 (patrol aircraft) Bruno 124898
Airline or Air Force  US Navy / 29 th Patrol squadron
Flight origine   US Naval Air Station, Atsugi, Japan
Flight destination   routine anti-submarine patrol for task force 7
Altitude  12,300 ft

Number      20 groups of lights (a total of 90-100 seperate lights)
Shape lights
Size (estimation)
Color    dull orange, red, yellow and bluish
Altitude (estimation) 12,300 ft
Speed (estimation)

Radar type APS-20
Radar set(s) number one
Radar Location airborne
Number of target(s)
Target size
Target altitude
Target speed 500 knots
Duration  5 mn

Distance UFO - A/C 3 to 7 miles (visual estimation by copilot J. S. Rose)
Weather clear above the cloud layer (stars clearly visible)

Witness(es)  Lt Wooton (pilot) / Lt J.S. Rose (copilot) / Lt D.W Carey (navigator) / Capt. G.E. Truelove (plane captain) / G.F. Delmel (1st radarman) / R.D. Kelly (2nd radarman) / J. Schaefer (1st radioman /J.L. Chavers (2nd radioman) /L.B. Brown (ordnance) / G.E. Noiseux (2nd mecn)

Source(s): Dominique Weinstein's ACUFOE AIRCRAFT / UFO ENCOUNTERS
RADAR / VISUAL CASES 1953             M/AR
(03) Jan Aldrich (Project 1947)
(20) USAF/ATIC Project Blue Book report forms
(21) USAF Air Intelligence Information Report #52-53
(342) The Blue Book unknowns, Don Berliner, FUFOR

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