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Subject: Kingman, AZ, May 20, 1953, and the Harry Nuclear Test
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The Harry Nuclear Weapons Test
                      And the UFOs
   During the spring of 1953 the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and the Department of Defense conducted a series of nuclear weapons test at the Nevada Test Site. This series was called Operation Upshot-Knothole.
   At 5:05 A.M. local time, May 19, 1953, shot Harry was detonated atop a 300 foot tower at area 3 of the Nevada Test Site. The explosion had a yield of 32 kilotons. Harry shot became to be know as "Dirty Harry" for it resulted in the heaviest radioactive fallout contamination of "downwinders" - civilians living downwind of the Nevada test Site - of any U.S. continental test. (See the test data below.)
    Four separate trajectories were plotted for the radioactiove debris cloud from the Harry shot. (See US Fallout map for Harry Shot below.)
It is interesting to notice the 30,000 foot trajectory (C track on the map) and the 40,000 foot trajectory (D track on the map). Both of these trajectories move southeastward over central Arizona during May 19, 1953.
US Fallout map for Harry Shot
The UFOs
 On May 20, 1953,  it has been reported that a UFO crashed near Kingman, Arizona.
The Story
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  The earliest reference of a crash near Kingman has been made to MUFON researcher Richard Hall in April 1964. He was told the story by a future Vietnam commander.
The case of the Kingman UFO retrieval was then brought to the public attention by Raymond Fowler, a respected UFO researcher, in June 1973. It involved an engineer who took preliminary measurements to assess the momentum of a crashing craft, measurements useful to any reverse engineering efforts. The engineer who brought this story to light was Arthur G. Stancil (previously known by the pseudonym "Fritz Werner"). Stancil graduated from Ohio University in 1949 and was first employed by Air Material Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as a mechanical engineer on testing Air Force aircraft engines. Dr. Eric Wang who was suspected of leading a reverse engineering team on alien craft headed the Installations Division within the Office of Special Studies where Arthur worked.
Stancil signed a legal affidavit vouching to the honesty of his testimony, who has been was released by Ray Fowler in UFO Magazine, April 1976.
Stancil told that he was loaned out to the Atomic Energy Commission and was designated as a project engineer on some atomic bomb tests referred to as "Operation Upshot Knothole". The location of these tests was at Frenchman's Flats at the southern end of the Nevada Test Site. The test director was a Dr. Ed Doll.
On May 21, 1953 Stancil was called away by his boss told to report for a special assignment at the Indian Springs Air Force Base where he was joined by 15 other specialists. They were flown by military plane to Phoenix where they boarded a bus with blacked-out windows and rode for an estimated four hours. When they arrived at their destination somewhere southeast of Kingman in one of the washes of the Hulapai Mountains, they were met and briefed by an Air Force Colonel who told them they were to investigate the crash of a super-secret test vehicle. He and the others on the bus were told not to speak to each other under any circumstances. Stancil's job was to determine the forward and vertical velocities of the vehicle when it impacted in the sand.
Stancil was escorted to the site by military police. Two military arc-lights illuminated the saucer, which appeared to be two convex oval plates inverted over each other approximately 30 feet in diameter. The saucer was embedded in the sand about 20 inches. From this Stancil had determined that the saucer crashed at a velocity of 100 knots yet it had not dents, marks, or scratches on its burnished aluminum surface. It was constructed of dull silver metal like brushed aluminum. Another specialist had gotten a look inside the craft as a 1.5 x 3.5 foot hatch was open revealing an oval interior cabin with two swivel seats and many instruments. Stancil saw one body recovered from the crash. It was humanoid, about 4 feet tall, with brown skin and wearing a silver-metallic flight suit.
Whilst they were back on the bus and being taken back they were made to sign the 'Official Secrets' act and was told never to tell anyone about this incident. Stancil also claims to have seen the body of a small creature about 4ft tall inside a small medical tent. The creature was wearing a skull-cap and a silver one-piece suit.
Fowler made several check as to the integrity of Stancil and everyone who knew him said that he was a man of considerable integrity and scientific ability.
Another story supporting the crash near Kingman came to UFO researcher Len Stringfield in 1977. A man who was in the National Guard at Wright Patterson claimed that he was witness to a delivery from a 'crash site in Arizona' in 1953. He said that 3 bodies had been recovered and were packed in dry ice, 4ft tall, large heads and brownish skin.
Since then several other witnesses have come forward, but I do not have detailed information yet:
An almost identical story was reported to researcher Charles Wilhelm in 1966 by a man who said that his father had told him the story as a death-bed confession.
In 1995 a man who went by the code name of Jarod-2 contacted the Internet publication The Groom Lake Desert Rat (http://www.ufo- and told them he had worked for the USAF on a secret project that was an attempt to build a flying saucer simulator. The project had started at the end of the 1940s and had collected material from the crash sites at Roswell and Kingman.
Crash site location
    This reported crash of a UFO occurrs almost directly under the 30,000 and 40,000 foot radioactive debris trajectories from the Harry Shot. See US Fallout map for Harry Shot.

More UFOs
   On May 22, 1953, the Prescott, Arizona, evening newspaper, the Prescott Evening Courier had this dramatic front page headline; FLYING SAUCERS RETURN TO PRESCOTT: OBJECTS NOTED IN FORMATION FOR FULL HOUR.
    Return of Flying Saucers over Prescott with graphic accounts of their capers in the skies was reported here Friday to give credence to the stories of space ships possibly from the outer world.
    Three reliable Prescott residents, one whom previously had scoffed at the stories of Flying Saucers and space ships, were not a bit reluctant Friday to tell of their witnessing the acrobatics of a "herd" of these air mysteries.
    The men, Bill Beers, president of the Prescott Sportsmen's Club, Ray Temple, a post-office employee, and O. Ed Olson, told of watching eight disc-like objects in the sky Thursday morning.
    The three men said that two of the discs remained stationary and seemed to be serving as guard while the six other discs maneuverd around in a manner that could not be duplicated by a plane. The whole sighting lasted about one hour.
   The article went on to report that on wednesday evening, May 20, 1953, that Mrs. R. H. Shipley and her grandaughter witnessed an shining glowing object shaped like a Japanese lantern in the sky over Copper Basin Road. The object drifted towards the northeast.  
Red Star is the location of Prescott, Arizona
  Again we have reports of UFOs duing May 20 and 21, 1953 along the 30,000 and 40,000 foot trajectories of radioactive debris from the Harry shot.  
Compiled by Daniel Wilson 
P.S. A few years ago I was able to contact Bill Beers, one of the witnesses of the objects near Prescott, AZ,, on May 21, 1953. He told me that it was pretty well common knowledge in those parts that a UFO did crash in May 1953 at Kingman, Arizona.
He also said that a Colonel from Wright Patterson AFB had come to Prescott after that sighting and tried to convince him (Beers) that he did not see UFOs.
This Prescott case in not listed in the Project Blue Book Master Index
I rather imagine the AF did not want to draw any attention to the Kingman/Prescott area at that time, especially if a UFO did crash and a recovery was made.