Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010 05:34:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Re: check this out

This new page is very good and important also. If you add this to what else was going on in
New Mexico during this time--it all seems to be nuclear weapons related.
Nov. 3, 1957; White Sands, New Mexico (BBU)
3 a.m. [1 p.m. MST ?] Army patrol at Stallion Site in a jeep saw an orange, "apparently controlled," luminous object on the ground near the site of the first A­bomb explosion [Trinity Site] first seen as a sun-like source 150 ft above ground, descending to ground level after 3 mins, landing a few miles away at the N end of the test grounds. (Vallée Magonia 420; FUFOR Index) 3 mins +
Nov. 4, 1957; Orogrande, New Mexico
A 1:10 p. m. local time, near Orogrande, NM, James W. Stokes, a high altitude research engineer, saw an elliptical UFO sweep across the highway twice.  The car radio and the engine failed.  Stokes claimed that other drivers were also on the road, and their engines had also failed.  Stokes felt a wave of heat, and later his face appeared "sunburned."
I am going to work on perhaps getting the PBB docs on the Kirtland AFB Incident
from the McDonald files.