Mongo Photo Analysis: The Details
Dr. Richard Haines

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Mongo Photo Analysis                                  Page 9                                                       Haines 

The Kodak specification sheet for this film states that its print grain index is 42. There usually is some variation in grain diameter (Berry and Loveland, 1966, pp.36-43). 

The author inspected the original negative frames provided by the photographer. Table 3 presents a brief verbal description of each one. 

Table 3 

Description of Photographs 

Frame 2A. Shows a man wearing a green baseball cap and striped shirt standing in front of a  BBQ grill with a pickup truck in the background with red horizontal stripe on its side. (Not shown)

Frame 3A. Shows a group of four men sitting at a picnic table eating. Three are on the right and one on the left. The same man as in frame 2A is sitting in the middle of the three on a bench. The tablecloth is red. (Not shown)

Frame 4A. Shows the UFO image against a homogeneously dark sky. It is well centered with longitudinal axis oriented horizontally. Frame 4a (Also see smaller image below)

Frame 5A. Ditto (above) except UFO is shifted slightly to right of center by about 1.5 mm. Frame 5a (Also see below)

Frame 6A. Shows nothing except dust particles. (Not shown)

Frame 7A. The disk object is visible along with branches of a nearby tree extending into the frame from the right hand side about 113 rd frame width. All leaves and branches are in good focus. The UFO is imaged approximately in the center of the frame measuring 0.3 mm across. There is a slight crease or dimple in the film located about 2/5th to the left (measured from the right hand margin) and just above the mid-line. The leaves are obviously illuminated by the camera's flash. One witness said that the object moved during this frame and that it was slightly blurred. Frame 7A (Also see below)

Frame 8A. Flash unit was deliberately turned off. The oval UFO image is clearly visible against a homogeneously dark sky. One witness said that the object moved during this frame and that it was slightly blurred. (A little blur is apparent). Frame 8A (Also see below)

Frame 9A. This frame shows a man (F.B.) wearing eye glasses and baseball cap sitting in a folding chair in front of a card table with red checker table cloth. A second man is standing to the left side and is partially out of the frame. A Starcraft motor home (fifth wheel camper) is seen in the background. This exposure is clearly flash-illuminated. (Not shown)

Film Processing: The film was processed by - - - - .) Copy prints and enlargements were made by D.B. on a department store customer-operated Kodak machine "Create-A-Print" at a store named "Meijer" (Address: 2777 Airport Road, Jackson, Mich. 49202 (517) 787-7000).

Witness Drawings: Three eye witnesses completed a MUFON General Case Form 1 which included sketches of the aerial object. They are duplicated in Figure 7. (Not shown)

Enlarged Frame 4A 


Enlarged Frame 5A 

Enlarged Frame 7A

Enlarged Frame 8A 

Mongo Photo Analysis                                  Page 12                                                      Haines 

Figure 8C 

Negative Contrast Black & White Print 
of Frame 4 Obtained From Red Dye Layer only 
(Printed at 800 dpi) 

Figure 8D 

Glossy Positive Color Print (B&W here) of Frame 4 
Scanned at 600 dpi and 8 bits of Color 

(Missing Image)

Mongo Photo Analysis                                  Page 13                                                       Haines 


Figure 8E 

Positive Color Print of Frame 4 (B&w here) 
Processed by 7 Step Luminance Filter 
(Scanned at 560 dpi) 

(Missing Image)

Figure 8F 

Negative Contrast "Equalized" Print of Frame 4 
(Scanned at 560 dpi) 


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