UFO Intelligence Summary
Jul-Dec 1951
By Francis Ridge

This overview supplements Joel Carpenter's military's mindset during the Fort Monmouth case era. I present here a short (and incomplete) UFO Intelligence Summary for 1951. These are not all of the events for that full year, but those that occurred during the last six months, were military in nature, or were considered "unknowns" by Blue Book. A few (like the Lubbock Lights case) are added to show their location in the sequence, even though the Air Force and others believe that the case was solved. 

July 14. Nr. White Sands, N. Mex. A UFO which sped near a B-29 was tracked on radar, observed visually and photographed. 

July 23. March Field, Calif. Radar-visual sighting of silvery object circling high above aircraft. 

July 24. Portsmouth, NH. Unknown No. 943, no details at present. 

Summer. Augusta, Ga. Air Force pilot flying F-51 "attacked repeatedly" by flying disc. 

Aug 11. Portland, Ore. Former Air Force fighter pilot observed formation of three discs. 

Aug 25. Lubbock, Texas. Formations of luminous objects passed overhead several consecutive nights; V-formation photographed. Same night, Albuquerque, NM. Unknown No. 955. 

Aug 26. Washington State. Air Force radar station tracked UFO at 900 m..p.h. on two different radar sets. 

Aug 31. Matador, TX. Unknown No.962. 

Sept. Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, new chief of Project Blue Book, the Air Force UFO investigation. 

Sept 6. Claremont, CA. Unknown No. 964. 

Sept 10. Nr. Sandy Hook, N.J. Two AF pilots in a T-33 jet trainer chased a "perfectly round and flat" silvery UFO traveling at an estimated 900 mph. 

Sept 13. Goose Bay, Labrador. Unknown No. 969. 

Sept 23. Nr. March AFB, Calif. F-86 jets circled below an unidentified object, unable to reach its altitude. 

Fall. UFO circled fleet, tracked on 14 ships' radars, departing at over 1000 mph. 

Oct 2. Columbus, OH. Unknown No. 980. 

Oct 3. Kadena, Okinawa. Unknown No. 984. 

Oct 9. Terre Haute, Indiana; Nr. Paris, Illinois. A fast-moving UFO shaped like a flattened sphere was sighted two minutes apart by a C.A.A. employee and a private pilot. Project Blue Book plotted the sighting and concluded both had been the same object which was an "unknown." 

Oct 10-11. Nr. Minneapolis, Minn. Two sightings of UFOs by General Mills, Inc., supervisor of balloon manufacture, and other balloon personnel, from an aircraft. 

Nov 9. After 7 sightings of green fireballs in 11 days Dr. Lincoln Lapaz, Institute of Meteorilics, said: "There has never been a rate of meteorite fall in history that has been one -fifth as high as the present fall. If that rate should continue, I would suspect the phenomenon is not natural. . . (they) don't behave like ordinary meteorites at all." (Associated Press) 

Nov 24. Michigan. Unknown No.14. 

Dec 7. Oak Ridge, TN. Unknown No. 1021. Same day, Sunbury, OH. Unknown No. 1023. 

Dec 18. Andrews AFB. Unknown No.1011. 

Dec 24. Mankato, MN. Unknown No. 1013. 

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