Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 18:43:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: michael swords <>
Subject: Fournet's study
To: Francis Ridge <>

Fran, I apologize again for cramming in something that's not #1 priority, but maybe you'll see this as important.

As you know I've been occasionally looking into the Fournet Formations study sheet. While at CUFOS I blundered across the case which is #13--NO QUESTION--it is the most complex thing on the study sheet and the description is dead-on. The case is from Albuquerque,NM and [date not certain] probably July 30, 1952. Alright, so what? This case is apparently NOT in Blue Book. CUFOS' reference is a newspaper story dateline Albuquerque, August 2nd. The witness is the Scripps-Howard writer, Doyle Kline.

Now, we have a mystery. How did this case get to Dewey Fournet, and why was he so convinced of it, that he included it in his study [and reported it to the CIA]? Kline says in his story that he spoke with Colonel William Matheny who was closed-mouth about UFOs to him, but asked him to report on what he saw to his intelligence officers. Matheny had joined Air Defense Command in 1950, and had become Commanding Officer of the 34th Air Division at Kirtland AFB shortly thereafter. We can therefore make a couple of 99% guesses. Firstly, Kline did talk to the Kirtland Intel officers and made a formal report. If they were going along with policy at the time in mid-1952, they would have sent a copy to the Pentagon [and Dewey would have gotten it on his desk], AND sent a copy to ADC headquarters. Whether they sent a copy to Blue Book directly was a judgement call--urgent or not. Either way, the Pentagon was supposed to send the report over ultimately.

Blue Book SHOULD have received a report sooner or later. When you look at the microfilm, there IS a case for Albuquerque at the appropriate time, BUT IT'S NOT THE SAME CASE. Unless it's hidden somewhere, this selected Fournet case completely misses Blue Book. The Fournet case is not in the Sparks catalog, nor Ruppelt's book, nor any search of the microfilm by "Albuquerque" [i.e. via]. Either Fournet didn't bother to send a big-time unknown to Ruppelt and the boys, or Ruppelt's boys were so nonchalant about things that they "lost" it. I actually could believe after hearing Tom Tulien's interview with the friendly-but-hardly-serious Bob Olsson that they were without adult supervision when Ruppelt wasn't in town and plenty capable of teen-age screw-ups.

The real news is however that Fournet can be viewed as operating with a stack of cases that Blue Book may or may not even have. If so, how much ELSE didn't they have? And therefore how much is NOT in the microfilm? And where are the other reports? Some may have died at ADC, but in this case there must be "missing files" at the Pentagon. Also, Matheny was according to Ruppelt "sold" on the extraterrestriality of UFOs. He may well have been an ally of Fournet in all this, and when he sends Dewey the report, Dewey has reason to see it as significant and evidence of ET. Some of this is not true news, but this instance is a rare proven instance of a major case [in Fournet's mind at least] which ended elsewhere that wasn't the project.