Date: Sun, 26 Jul 2009 15:44:36 +0000 (GMT)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Case 13
To: A-Team

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Thursday, July 31, 1952, Doyle Kline witnessed the 10 or so flying objects on Tuesday night, July 29, 1952. He saw them from his front porch at 9:30 P.M., heading north. (This would be in the general direction of Los Alamos.)  
Busy day in New Mexico.
July 29, 1952; Walker AFB, Roswell, New Mexico (BBU)
4 weather observers including base weather officer sighted several high-speed discs through theodolite. (Hynek UFO Rpt. pp. 114-5)

July 29, 1952; Los Alamos, New Mexico (BBU) [CCL Item #18]
10 a.m. Several Los Alamos Scientific Lab and other witnesses saw white object moving E to W, about 1.8°/sec angular velocity, with gyrating or fluttering motion. 2 jet interceptors from Kirtland AFB arrived about 5 mins later chasing object W to E, all 3 leaving contrails. At 10:57 a.m. light-brown egg­shaped object with wings was sighted hovering then shot off to the NW disappearing in 3 secs. 30 secs. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 61-64)

July 29, 1952; Albuquerque, New Mexico; [CCL Item # 19]
Air Force reserve colonel at Los Alamos saw a strange ellipse shaped light; indicated its rapid speed
July 29, 1952; Tucumcari, New Mexico, at about 6 P.M.,
Nella Beth Rothstein, saw a blue ball-shaped object which
climbed into the sky and disappeared to the north.
(Albuquerque Journal, Thursday, July 31, 1952)
    I suspect the the Mike Device (thermonuclear device
for Operation Ivy) was being worked on at Los Alamos and possibly ready for movement to the Naval Supply Center (NSC) in Oakland, California. 
On 18 August 1952, the USS Curtiss departed from San Diego and sailed to the Naval Supply Center (NSC) Oakland, California, arriving on 19 August 1952. The USS Curtiss then onloaded special equipment and classified material (note: Mike Device included). Loading was completed on 27 August and USS Curtiss moved to nearby Port Chicago for loading of more material. USS Curtiss departed Port Chicago for Eniwetok Atoll on 29 August 1952.