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               Subject:                                              Maj. Fournet's Motion Study

Date: Monday, 23 March, 2009, updated 8 March 2011
From: Mike Swords

Looking at the January 27,1953 letter to Julius Stratton from Marshall Chadwell I came across page 8, and there was part of Dewey Fournet's famous but not seen "motions study" of UFOs as presented to the Robertson Panel. According to what one can reasonably assume by looking at the page, Dewey presented 17 cases [from which he deduced that UFOs were guided by intelligence and the flight characteristics indicated that the intelligence was beyond "us".] This number rings true as Ed Ruppelt says that Dewey sifted his cases down to between ten and twenty. The page shows arrangements of UFOs in the chosen cases, and given the strong likelihood that most if not all of them were 1952 cases on Dewey's watch, they might be specifically identifiable.

01. May 1,1952; George AFB [CA] case.
02. May 13 [18?]; 1952 Greenville [SC]
03. June 8, 1952; Albuquerque [NM].
05. June 19/23, 1952; McChord AFB [WA] case
06. July 14, 1952; Chesapeake Bay [Nash-Fortenberry] case.
09. July 19, 1952; Elkins Park [PA]
10. July 21, 1952; Weisbaden [GERMANY]
11. July 24,1952; Carson Sink [NV]
12. July 27, 1952; Manhatten Beach [CA]
13. July 30?, 1952; Albuquerque, [NM]
14. August 3, 1952; Truth or Consequences [NM]
15. August 3, 1952; Hamilton AFB, [CA]
17. August 24, 1952; Hermanas/El Paso [TX]

Case 1 May 1,1952 George AFB [CA] case.

May 1, 1952; George AFB, CA. 10:50 am. An Air Force officer and a group of airmen in a separate location observed a formation of five white disc-shaped objects, three in front and two behind. The trailing objects darted around in zig-zag motions. Suddenly the objects switched to a tight V-formation, made an almost 90-degree turn and sped away over the mountains. The five objects were sighted at George AFB and from a golf course 4 miles away. Observer: S/Sgt David Darbyrsira 146th Air Police Squadron sighted the 5 objects at at George AFB, at 1050 hours PDT, about one hour after a cloud from an atom blast was sighted in the direction of Las Vegas.

Case 2 could be May 13 [18?], 1952 Greenville [SC]

May 13 (18), 1952; Greenville, SC. 10:33 p.m. (EST). Mr. James Richardson and 3 other amateur astronomers set up telescopes at dark area of Furman University when they saw a diamond formation of 4 oval reddish-yellow or reddish-brown luminous objects nearly overhead and disappeared after 3 secs motion through 12° arc [or at 12° elevation?]. Apparent size of half dollar at arms length, 1/.4 turned and wobbling in flight.


Case 3 June 8, 1952 Albuquerque [NM].

June 8, 1952; Albuquerque, New Mexico. 10:50 a.m. Witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Markland. Four shiny objects flew straight and level in a diamond formation.


 Case 4.  Not known yet



 Case 5.  June 19/23, 1952; McChord AFB [WA]


 Case 6. July 14, 1952 Chesapeake Bay [Nash-Fortenberry] case.

July 14, 1952; Chesapeape Bay. About a week before the famous Washington, D.C., radar-visual UFO sightings, a Pan American Airways DC-4 airliner was flying southward along the East Coast at 8,000 feet. It was a clear night with unlimited visibility. About 8:10 p.m., Capt. William B. Nash and Second Officer William Fortenberry suddenly saw six bright red objects rapidly approaching the plane, but at a lower altitude. "Their shape was clearly outlined and evidently circular," Nash reported. "The edges were well-defined, not phosphorescent or fuzzy in the least."  


 Case 7.  Not known yet


 Case 8.  Not known yet

Case 9. July 20, 1952 Elkins Park [PA]

July 20, 1952; Lavalette, NJ. 12:20-12:25 a.m. 3 independent groups of witnesses, including Seton Hall Univ. chemistry professor Dr. A. B. Spooner (on a yacht in the Delaware River near Philadelphia), saw 2 large orange-yellow lights with some dull red color fly in trail, turn and circle observers. First seen to the S at about 40° elevation, then E, N, W, and S again but at elevation 80°. Stellar magnitude about -3 to -5. AF pilot in Elkins Park estimated 10°/min angular velocity accelerating up to 2°/sec. No sound. 5-6 mins. (Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 73-77)


 Case 10. July 21, 1952 Weisbaden [GER] be #10?  

July 21, 1952; Weisbaden, Germany. 6:30 p.m. USAF pilot Capt. E. E. Dougher and WAF Lt. J. J. Stong, separated by miles saw 4 bright yellowish lights, seen by Dougher to separate, with 2 climbing and 2 flying away level in the opposite direction. Stong saw 2 reddish lights fly in opposite directions. 10-15 mins. (Berliner)


Case 11. The eleventh case seems almost surely to be the July 24, 1952 Carson Sink [NV] case.

July 24, 1952; Carson Sink, NV. Two Pentagon Colonels in a B-25 reported three silvery triangular UFOs sped past their bomber at an estimated speed of 1,000 mph. Official Blue Book "unknown".


 Case 12. July 27, 1952; Manhatten Beach , California


Case 13. July 30th, 1952; Albuquerque, NM

July 30th, 1952; Albuquerque, NM. 9:50 PM. At first they appeared overhead, clustered together in no apparent pattern, heading north. Then they shifted to a perfect V. the shift was done with precision. Within a few seconds they formed a new pattern – two rows with the objects in front spaced at exact intervals. The “saucers” in the second row were spaced evenly between those in the first row. Their shifts in position were incredibly swift and fantastically violent – in terms of our experience.


Case 14. August 3, 1952 Truth or Consequences [NM] case.

Aug. 3, 1952. Truth or Consequences, NM. 10:20 PM. Civilian engineer Anderson saw three light-green cylindrical objects hovering at a 45-degree elevation in inverted V-formation switch in echelon when one object moved, with a rolling motion along its long axis. Disappeared by rapidly rising vertically. (BB Rpt 8, FUFOR Index)


Case 15. August 3, 1952; Hamilton AFB, California

Case 16.



Case 17. August 24, 1952 Hermanas/El Paso [TX]

Near Hermanas, N. M., August 24, 1952. F-84 pilot observed two strange objects (disc shaped and maneuvering at high speeds).

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