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Subject: Mystery satellites / Lapaz / Tombaugh/ Ruppelt / Aviation week

The following pdf file contains two documents and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The text from these are provided below for web search purposes.

April 29, 1956

Dear Dr. La Paz,
You will possibly remember that I visited you, in the company of an OSI agent, while I was in charge of the Air Force's "flying saucer" project. I believe this was in 1952 or 1953. Since that time I have become a civilian and am with Northrop Aircraft's operations analysis' group.

My purpose in writing is that for the past year or two I have heard the story that you, along with Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, established the fact that there were two "satellites" orbitting the earth, one at 400 miles and one at 600 miles. I believe that this was first mentioned in Aviation Week magazine. The stories that I continually hear are that these are artificial satellites, that you are firmly convinced of this fact, and if they weren't they would have been discovered many years ago.

If you could possibly squeeze some time into your busy schedule I would appreciate a brief, firm, reading on this rumor. I feel guilty even bothering you but since I hear this story being repeated every few days among the professional people I'm in contact, it would be a public service to get the facts straight from you.

Yours truly
Edward J. Ruppelt


May 21, 1956

Dear Mr. Ruppelt:
Last October, Dr. LaPaz was granted leave of absence from the University of New Mexico during the current semester. While in the field, he receives his mail most irregularly this will explain the delay in replying to your inquiry.

I have been asked to inform you that the story published in Aviation Vteek was entirely without foundation insofar as reference to Dr. LaPaz was concerned. Through the courtesy of the Associated Press, Dr. LaPaz was enabled to issue a denial, of which a carbon copy is attached, within a few hours after the A.P. decided to release the Aviation Week story.

Hoping that the information contained in the attached carbon copy will enable you to discredit the rumors mentioned in your letter, I remain

Sincerely yours
(Miss) Jean LaPaz, Secretary
Institute of Meteoritics